Sunday, 3 January 2016

Start the year as you mean to go on . . . . . LOSING!!

Lord Crashart peered out into the gathering gloom through the shattered window of the hovel. The lack of roof allowed the chill of the dusk to envelope them in it's numbing cloak!

"At least I'm not stuck up on the bloody roof like the new fella" Crashart thought to himself with a smirk.

They had found the rumoured Wyrd stone hoard with ease but the fabled treasure still eluded them. They had been frantically searching through the rubble of the Memorial Gardens when the new fella 'Papa' had raised the alarm!

Now several forms could be spied approaching through the encroaching gloom. Crashart slowly cocked his pistols and glanced over at 'Crazy Joe' who covered the doorway, an evil grin crossed his face at the thought of the slaughter ahead!

This Saturday night saw my Brother and I play our third game of Mordheim. The first two games had seen me beaten twice by his Dwarves and I have already stayed true to form and had two of my Warband die!

This game was a break through scenario with Kris trying to break through my ambush to get to the Wrydstone find. As an added bonus the winner would also secure a hidden treasure hidden within the Memorial Gardens.

Turn one and the Dwarves bolt up the board to get to grips with my mercenaries.

I have Spook and Archie cover my right flank with their Crossbows while the rest of my merry men hide in a abandoned house to ambush the rest of the Dwarves.

Despite having a BS skill of 5 thanks to the first two games Archie still can't hit a barn door and rolls his second one to hit. He only needs a two to hit!!

Thankfully Spook spots an approaching dwarf and plugs him in the chest. Unfortunately the legendary toughness of the Dwarves rings true and  despite the bloke looking like a pin cushion by the end of the game I cannot send the little sod off to meet his ancestors!

The two Marksmen on my right are fulfilling their mission of delaying Kris' left flank (despite being unable to hit anything).  On my left I judge Kris' warband are sufficently spread out and I charge my boys out of the ruins to mob his Dwarves.

Spook is hit by a dwarf cross bow and I have a squeaky bum moment when he fails his initiative roll and tumbles to the ground from the first floor! Thankfully he is OK and bolts for a new firing position.

Archie continues to fail to hit anything but the bloody floor!

Two of my boys rush the Dwarf marksman. I want to tempt Kris' Noble out of the shadows so I can hit him on the counter charge. 

This goes even better then planned when he not only charges out his Noble, but also  his supporting Troll Slayer! This leaves the Noble open to the counter charge and I crash in Lord Crashart and Crazy Joe with pistols blazing! Got the stuntie now!!!

Of course Lord Crashart misses with both his charge attacks!

Bob my Henchman keeps knocking the Dwarf Marksman to the ground but the stubbon little sod refuses to go quietly and keeps pulling himself to his feet for another go.

The Dwarf  Noble shrugs off the attacks and dispatches Crashart with contemptuous ease!

With the pulling down of Crazy Joe by the Troll Slayer my Warband fail their first moral check with room to spare!

and once again Kris carries the field!

'Bill could hear the whoops of delight of the Dwarves as they uncovered the location of the treasure hoard. Flush from their victory the Dwarves stern demeanour had dissolved into incautious revelry!

Bill glanced at the unconscious form of  Crashart, slumped over his shoulder and despaired. How had he been duped by such a bafoon and his tall tales of riches and glory! He had forgiven him for bedding his Mother and sister as well as running off before paying his Father the rent due but this was their third foray into Mordheim and they had barely escaped with their lives and enough coin to buy some sparse meals to keep from starving. At least this time they had not had anyone killed!

In the mean time the Dwarves could been seen carousing through the brothels of Black Pit each night, rolling in coin! This was not on! Something would have to change!'


  1. Maybe it's just not meant to be, some games you shouldn't play...

    I had no idea you had gone back into the city of the damned?

    1. Even getting your arse kicked every game lends itself to a certain storyline. Everyone has their poison!

  2. Am right there with you Riot, got my arse handed to me tonight in my first game of the year. I have reached my natural position in the gaming world, but its still fun isn't it :-)

    1. The battle was so one sided we are actually discussing an ambush at the brothel were his Dwarves are running around naked trying to get ot the armoury to get their weapons!

      Yer it's still fun!


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