Monday, 30 January 2017

Eat your greens . . . . Their good for yer! WHF battle report

With Riotville LIVE happening next week Lee and I decided to have a warm up with our selected armies.

Lano had set the field before we turned up and decided we were playing 'Dawn Attack'.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wargaming and giggling my tit's off. 1850 point WHF battle.

Look amazing but can't hit for shit!!!

Last sunday I once again managed to get over to Lano's to get in a game of Warhammer Fantasy (8th edition).

Lano had had a nightmare 24 hours when his misses decided to pour boiling hot water over his hand and then he had an absolute nightmare of a game with me.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Doc Killingsworth, Ogre Slaughter priest conversion WIP

The greenstuff has finally cured on my Slaughter priest conversion so I wanted to post some quick WIP pictures.

I normally don't bother with WIP posts but I am really pleased with how it has turned out!

He is based on Doc Killingsworth from Warmachine. If your not into Warmachine it's this fella . . . .

Copy right Privateer press

I do not own the miniature but have always loved this illustration.

With my ogres based on Bayou Pirates I always wanted my Slaughter priest to have a voodoo vibe.

Hence my homage via this Slaughter priest.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sir Gorbag of Bash. Empire Ogre Knight

Just a quick post of another Ogre Iron gut finished up.

This one is based on an Ogre being influenced by his time hanging out with 'The Second Sons' from my Empire army.

Not 100% happy how he's turned out but I am trying to bang the miniatures out in order to hit the 5th of Feb deadline for 'Riotville Live'.

For that reason I am considering him one and done!

I have also sorted out about a hundred miniatures which will be making their way on to eBay soon.

Got to be honest I am glad to see the back of another one (pun intended!).

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 12

Miniatures bought 15 due to new Mordheim campaign and Riotville live!

464 miniatures to go!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Odds and sods

Just a small collection of bits finished so far this year.

First up an MDF laser cut effort I bought on eBay.

Just a quick spray of Army painter sprays while it was still in bits and then just stuck it together once it dried.

Very happy with the result considering how little time it took.

Next up is an Iron gut.

Not too much time spent on this one as he is a 'third ranker'.

i.e. you will never see him and he will be the first fella removed from the unit!


Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 8

Miniatures bought 15 due to new Mordheim campaign and Riotville live!

468 miniatures to go!

I have had a real look at the grey shame this year and truth is there are HUNDREDS of miniatures in there which will never see the light of day so I plan to have a big couple of months selling so I can excuse getting some companies for IHMN.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

WHF Battle. . . . . To the last wound!!

Had a lovely surprise Sunday when I walked into Lano's to find Anthony in residence with his gorgeous Beastman army.

Yer this one below. . . . .

I plonked down my semi - painted Ogre army.

Pale by comparison to Anthony's I know but I'm getting there.

First turn and I boil my Leadbelchers down off the temple . . . .

and straight into the Chaos Hounds. . . . Neil made a valid point that their bloody leadbelchers . . . .They have CANNONS . . . you could just SHOOT them! 

Yer I guess I was born to be an Ogre player.

My semi - painted Iron Guts crash into a horde of Gors. . . . and go through them like a hot knife through butter!

As an Empire player it was a nice sensation rolling so many die.

Over on my left my Mournfangs and Chariots collide!

My Leadbelchers rip the Chaos Hounds apart and thankfully over run out of the charge arc of the Bestigors.

In a effort to stall out my Ironguts Anthony charges in with (another gorgeously painted miniature) his Chaos Spawn.

Suddenly Anthony's Bestigors feel a little outnumbered and a little outgunned!

The Chaos Spawn gives Anthony enough time to get the charges in with his Bestigors and General.

Which ends in the mutual destruction of both parties!

This battle is turning into an absolute blood bath.

The last of my Iron guts turns to face the last standing Beastman on the field!

Unfortunatlely the last standing Beastman happens to be a toughness ridiculous Beastlord on a chariot!!

The Beastlord finishes off the last of the Ironguts.

My leadbelchers open up with both barrels into the now exposed Beastlord . . . . To little effect!

So my Ogre Bulls charge in so Anthony does not get the impact hits.

The Beastlord boils through my Ogre Bulls.

I finally commit the last of my forces to the critically wounded Beastman.

It comes down to a final roll of the die as our last two miniatures are reduced to one wound each!!!!!!

Anthony rolls the final die and wounds my last Ogre with his final roll of the die!!!!!


Saturday, 7 January 2017

In Her Majesty's Name. My first purchase of the year.

So this landed on the door mat this morning . . . . . .

I have only had a chance to read through the Introduction but I LOVE IT . . . . . Absolutely LOVE the feel of the book and the sense it should be played in.

With 'Riotville Live' coming in Febuary there is no point in buying the miniatures . . . . YET but I do see myself making something related to this in the future.

One thing it did do was make me pull this lot down from the shelf.

and I have just bought 2009 on eBay.

I guess you start the year as you mean to go on . . . . . buying crap you don't need! ;0)

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy new year and cleaning house.

First post of the year is a couple of terrain bits I finished up over the Christmas break.

First one is the WHF card building I picked up cheap.

I feel the proper roof tiles and extra building bits really add to the building.

Overall very pleased with how it turned out.

 The other piece is a lazer cut effort I picked up for £6 (including p&p) from eBay.

It looks a bit like a Christmas decoration but took the paint well and is perfect for a bit of cheap terrain filler.

I also picked up a inn type thing and that is currently in the garden drying out so we will see how that looks.

And here is the two together.

Some of you may have noticed the new Blog Banner?

I am running a 1850 point WHF (8th edition) bring and battle day on the 5th of February at the Redhouse Beefeater in Ilford.

It is £5 for the whole day and that includes the free drinks that can be won!

There is also a 100 pts Regiments of Renown campaign which is run as a side campaign. The ROR battles will have a minor influence on the main battles.

More then happy to lend out figures for a ROR warband for anyone who is interested but does not have and miniatures.

Any producers miniatures are welcome and the forces do have to be assembled BUT not painted. The house rule is painted miniatures will have hatred towards unpainted miniatures!

There will be more information in a later blog post but for now muster your forces and keep the 5th of Feb free.
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