Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hell hath no fury like Snake Eyes Skorned. Warmachine journeyman league

Once the dust had cleared from "The killing 3000" Mark and I decided to dip our toes into our new Warmahordes forces for the upcoming Journeyman league.

Inspired by Damon I have gone for a matt black colour scheme for my new forces

Secret Sunday Gaming club, play "The Killling 3000"

It was a full house at "the secret Sunday gaming club" this Bank holiday weekend so we decided to kick off with a game of "Killing 300" while we waited of the stragglers to turn up.

1st Lustrian Expeditionary Forces. Unfurl your banner!

So here it is the final piece of the puzzle for my 1500 points of Empire forces for the "Tale of 4 gamers"

Friday, 15 August 2014

Sunday, 10 August 2014

5000 page views

thanks to anyone who reads this drivel more then once

"The winner will be the one who controls chaos, both his own and the enemies". Napoleon Bonaparte

Despite the pounding headache no one else wanted the table and I really wanted to see the progress Kiraya had made on painting her army so it looked like tonight would be a Warhammer double header.

I will add commentary where I can but the game was a while ago now and I was still suffering the after affects of playing Shao gore so it will be brief at best.

Shame because it proved to be an epic ding dong.

Kiraya's Greater Demon makes a bee line for my Gryphs. I guess the plan is to get the wounds in and run them off the table while they are still so close to the table edge.

The secrets out boys, our card is marked

Apparently I am the painting fascist of the Mini Empire GC!

So you make up one rule about unpainted miniatures being worth more bounty in "The killing 3000" and its makes you "the painting fascist"

So in my new role Jiri sets out his freshly painted Skaven to show his progress.

I get flash backs to "The man from Del Monte"adverts and I imagine myself in a fedora hat perusing Jiri's lines of fresh miniatures. When no one is looking I give one a sniff and nod sagely.

The man from Del Monte (well Hackney) he says yes!

Love the Warp stone bases, blinding idea.

Embrace the Madness! Fighting Shao Gore and his Skaven

confused?................... you will be.

so Shao gore and I had a 1500 point game of Warhammer at the MEGC last Friday.

He won and I ended up with a pounding headache, now lets never mention this again.

Warhammer. marauding we will go!

I decided to travel to the empty wasteland of lost hope (or the Miniature Empire which looks like it is on its last legs) for a game of Warhammer Fantasy.

Given the desolate shelves and feeling of forlorn hope Damon decided to field Chaos marauders (seems appropriate). 

so here we all are, just some basing and movement trays to finish

Cryx, Well its just cheating really!

Honest Mike they were just sitting on the shelves!  
So I was at a bit of a loose end so I give Damon a call and popped into the Mini Empire for a game of Warmachine. As I do not have to worry about the 2 hour parking limit we decide tp play 30 points.

To be honest I have been looking forward to getting my teeth into a bigger game of Warmachine.

That is until I find out he is playing as Cryx!

Yes that is two unpainted miniatures..................I feel dirty

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