Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dr. Gostellos first transporter. 45 minute kit bash

Was bored last night so spent 45 minutes with the bits box and a 1:50 scale Corgi Diecast and ended up with this. . . . 

Gone for a Mad Max feel and I like the look of the 'just paint over the previous owner' paint job which makes it look like it has been stolen / won in as poker game. 

Apart from the giant goat skull I am really pleased with it.

I will continue to paint it and want to try to duplicate the original Billy Smarts font and colour scheme.

One conclusion I have come to this summer after starting this project, with regards to my lead mountian is;

A) There are miniatures I am NEVER going to get round to painting! Solution = cut deep and sell.

B) There are miniatures I am REALLY excited about painting! Solution = paint them!

C) There are miniatures I HAVE to paint to complete armies for gaming etc. BUT bore the life out of me and I would rather stick pins in my eyes then paint!! Solution = With the new job, actually pay out for some commissions? I had a quick count up and there are about 180 miniatures which sit in this category.

I have Lano but if anyone else can recommend someone that would really help.


  1. I feel for you fella, I have never sold anything on, but have had to ban myself from ebay. Friends of mine have sold whole armies, painted, I think that would make me cry :-(

    1. Don't think I could ever sell on anything painted but the unpainted stuff definately has to go


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