Saturday, 1 August 2015

Space Crusade Orks. Better sculpts then Bloody Cygnar Long Gunners!

As I mentioned last post I am desperately trying to get selected mini's painted up in order to finish off as many forces as possible before I start my new job in September.

Trouble is I hit a bit of a road block so turned to these fellas in order to keep my momentum up.

So thats little fella's Ork boyz finished (funnily enough they are called 'Troy and the Boyz').

I did have a real go at the faces but there was only so far my average painting skills will go.

The good news is my son is pleased with them but now he wants a trukk for them to ride round in!

With regards to my road block it's these fellas. . . .

Their a combination of Reaper IMEF marines and GW Scions. Their all gorgeous sculpts but I am REALLY struggling with the colour scheme as I want them painted in high vis clothing so they can fulfill several roles in upcoming games I have planned. I will keep plugging away at them but if they mess with my mojo too much they may have to go back in the lead pile!

Oh, me and the boy also got distracted making pet rocks!

Rex the fish and Rocky the crab. Our new pet rocks
We were only supposed to glue some eyes on some rocks we found on a walk but one thing lead to another and here we are!

Numbers time,

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 142
Miniatures bought this year = 20

507 miniatures to go!

As an aside I am also off to BOYL at the Foundry tomorrow. Should be fun to indulge in some old skool nostalgia.

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