Monday, 27 February 2017

Animal cunning Vs Brute force and ignorance. WHF 2000 point battle report

Last Saturday I spent over 12 hours slogging through the new Learning Trusts ill conceived plan to change students statements into Education health care plans!!

All this bollocks so it's now called a EHCP rather then a SEN statement. Just bollocks so someone sitting in an office somewhere can justify their job!!

And somehow I become the expert on a student with Cerebral Palsy up until the age of 25!!!!!! I just want to play with little soldiers!!!!

Then I had to spend most of Sunday looking after the kids so the misses could catch up with her mountain of paperwork. . . . . .all so I could play WHF against Phil and his bloody Skaven.

 So was it worth it???????????????

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Back for seconds. Ogres Vs Orcs and Goblins, WHF 1850 points battle.

With Lano up in Birmingham for Smogcom and playing Warmachine for four days straight (he's Chinese so does not seem to need sleep!) Lee and I decided to meet up at Ilford Wargames Club to lock horns over a game of fantasy.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Scarblade the Immortal. Path to Glory, Aspiring champion

With the colour scheme still not nailed down for my original Aspiring champion I was at a bit of a loss at what to do . . . .then digging through the cupboard of grey shame I come across this little plastic lump of old Skool goodness!

Yep an old Hero quest Chaos Warrior!!!!

I have no idea where this fella come from as I have never owned any of the original Hero Quest games and don't remember buying any Warhammer fantasy boxsets back in the day so maybe this fella is a gift from Tzeentch itself!!

Any who, how could he not be included in a 'Paths to Glory' warband?

He got some upgrades thanks to a marauder cape I had floating about, a Skorne banner which fitted perfectly and some Green stuff fur (sorry PETA!).

Still unsure which way to go with my Aspiring Champion armour I tried out a GW technical paint called 'Soulstone blue'.

Found out it is VERY glossy and needed a wash of Nuln oil to calm things down.

Considering the crudeness of the sculpt and using new techniques I am happy with how he turned out (especially the banner).

He will start out as my Aspiring Champion and then will be relegated into a regular Chaos Warrior once I figure out what I am going to do with my original Aspiring Champion.

I also finished off a Direwolf (sorry Chaos Hound) for my Warband.

Only a basic paint job of zenith sprays and inkwashes but he is done and I am getting much better at being able to walk away from stuff once it has reached the appropriate level of paint job!

Looks fine considering the speed it was painted!

Looking forward to rolling up another couple of these in the future so they can get some table time.

And here is how the 'Heralds of Change' currently look.

Only 'Grundog the Shunned' to finish up!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 24

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.

456 miniatures to go!

"Wow with a cool banner like that how can I not follow you?"

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Swords of change! Path to Glory, Chaos Warriors.

With the half term kicking in and the great sunshine yesterday I finally got to get some decent painting in.

What I planned to do was add the finishing touches to my Ogres.

Of course what really happened was I pulled out brand new miniatures for my Paths to Glory warband.

Here is how my warband currently stands.

First up the 'Swords of change' my three Chaos Warriors I rolled up.

I do like the colour of the capes and figure I will use that colour for the next batch of Chaos warriors I roll up.

I have pulled out my Dark Oath Champion from the Silver Tower box set as the first of my Marauders.

I also get to field one of the gorgeous Pink Horrors from the Silver Tower set as well. It only comes with two of these so might have to buy a box of Pink Horrors in the future.

I also pulled out one of the gorgeous Titan Forge Direwolves.

It is only once I put it down next to the Chaos Warrior I realised how big it was!

Cannot wait to see a pack of these running down solos in a future game.

My main colour for the Chaos Armour is a number of blue washes over a purple wash. I am not completely sold on it so figure I will try different effects as I roll up additional forces.

I figure I can get away with it as it's Chaos so they should not be too coherent.

I have also finished kit bashing and Green stuffing 'Grundog the Shunned' my Chaos Ogre.

One final group shot in the sunshine. I still have my Aspiring Champion to assemble but my warband is well on it's way!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 22

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.

458 miniatures to go!

Monday, 13 February 2017

RiotvilleLIVE!! Round 3

With round two over the protagonists called a cease fire and bundled downstairs for dinner. The usual small talk of little soldiers and a smattering of discussion about current events followed before we all adjourned back upstairs to the 'War room' for the deciding round 3.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

RiotvilleLIVE!! Round 2

With the dust bearly settled from the first round of carnage the Generals of Riotville LIVE!! issued their challenges for the next round. . . . . . 

I faced off against Jesus George and his Dwarven gunline.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

RiotvilleLIVE!! Round 1.

After a mental last week before the half term I have finally managed to sit down and do a (sort of) write up for Riotville LIVE!!

Here for your viewing pleasure is a summary of round one. . . . .

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Path to Glory.

So even before the dust had settled on the (ahem!) extravaganza that was Riotville LIVE!!, Lano, Lee, Anthony and I had talked each other into playing a 'Path to Glory' campaign as published in White Dwarf 275.

Being the proud owner of a (mostly) completed set of Silver Tower I went for Tzeentch although I can never pronounce it properly (!), Lano for Khorne, Lee for Slaanesh and Anthony for Nurgle. 

With the four powers represented we rolled on the followers table and I ended up with the following;

Aspiring Champion (on barded steed),
1 Marauder,
3 Chaos Warriors,
1 Ogre,
1 Chaos Hound
and a Pink Horror.

Tonight I set out what I've got. . . . 

Apart from the Chaos Lord they are all miniatures from the Cupboard of grey shame.

I love the look of the Chaos warriors and such as they are so O.T.T. they appeal to my 'kid growing up on heavy metal album covers' sensibilities!

But the lower level stuff like Marauders are just a bit well . . . . . pants!

Copyright of GW. Still does not change the fact they look pants

Thankfully the artwork in the Warriors of Chaos book is brill and I spotted this picutre. . . . 

Again copyright GW.
. . . . . especially these fellas tucked away in the corner . . . . .

Copyright GW
Now that's more like it!!!

I am really into converting Ogres at the moment so the Ogre will be getting some Green stuff work done. The Darkoath Champion from the Silver Tower set will do the job for my first marauder but the rest will probably go through some converting.

I am thinking of going the full 'Diceman' with this and rolling up completely EVERYTHING on the die apart from the actual tactics in the battle.

I have already found an old ROC name table and rolled up the name 'Daoz Daemonstrength' for my aspiring champion.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Riotville LIVE! The photo dump

Just a quick photo dump so everyone who attended can have a gander at the pictures.

Thanks to everyone who turned up for a top day of gaming.

Hope to do some battle reports but as always time will tell.

More photos after the break . . . . .

Saturday, 4 February 2017

By the skin of my teeth!

So finally got (most) of my 1850 points of Ogres painted up for Riotville LIVE tomorrow!

The Gnobblar have got the shitty end of the stick and will not be painted for tomorrow meaning all painted miniatures will have hatred against them.

Oh well their only Gnobblars

Also had to cheat and Army painter spary and ink wash another Standard bearer as there was no way I would get the original painted up to the standard I wanted.

It is a testament to the GW figures that they look the part considering the crudeness of the techniques I used.

None of these count towards the painted total for this year as I will go back and touch these up at some point.

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