Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Path to Glory.

So even before the dust had settled on the (ahem!) extravaganza that was Riotville LIVE!!, Lano, Lee, Anthony and I had talked each other into playing a 'Path to Glory' campaign as published in White Dwarf 275.

Being the proud owner of a (mostly) completed set of Silver Tower I went for Tzeentch although I can never pronounce it properly (!), Lano for Khorne, Lee for Slaanesh and Anthony for Nurgle. 

With the four powers represented we rolled on the followers table and I ended up with the following;

Aspiring Champion (on barded steed),
1 Marauder,
3 Chaos Warriors,
1 Ogre,
1 Chaos Hound
and a Pink Horror.

Tonight I set out what I've got. . . . 

Apart from the Chaos Lord they are all miniatures from the Cupboard of grey shame.

I love the look of the Chaos warriors and such as they are so O.T.T. they appeal to my 'kid growing up on heavy metal album covers' sensibilities!

But the lower level stuff like Marauders are just a bit well . . . . . pants!

Copyright of GW. Still does not change the fact they look pants

Thankfully the artwork in the Warriors of Chaos book is brill and I spotted this picutre. . . . 

Again copyright GW.
. . . . . especially these fellas tucked away in the corner . . . . .

Copyright GW
Now that's more like it!!!

I am really into converting Ogres at the moment so the Ogre will be getting some Green stuff work done. The Darkoath Champion from the Silver Tower set will do the job for my first marauder but the rest will probably go through some converting.

I am thinking of going the full 'Diceman' with this and rolling up completely EVERYTHING on the die apart from the actual tactics in the battle.

I have already found an old ROC name table and rolled up the name 'Daoz Daemonstrength' for my aspiring champion.


  1. Sweeeet. They're starting up a Path to Glory campaign at the local shop and I'm rather tempted to join in. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. cool. The Age of Sigmar 'path to glory' is a bit more involved as the units you roll up tend to be a lot bigger. That just means it will take you 2 weeks to paint up your army rather then 2 days! ;0)

  2. Now these should be fun, looking forward to updates.

    1. Thanks man. Looks like I have been distracted away from IHMN until at least Salute ;0(

  3. Excellent, it was these sorts of games that made me love GW, small skirmish games with purpose are brilliant fun arn't they :-)

    1. I agree. the cool thing is it looks like GW are at it again with the release of 'Gangs of Commorragh'. I have only read positive reviews about it as it really harps back to those type of small scale skirmish games with purpose.

  4. RoC warbands were excellent fun to roll up and create models for. Not know much of this newer version, are the random chart results as varied?

    Regardless, sounds like lots of fun converting opportunities are here, which is all too appropriate where Chaos anything is concerned!

    (My Nurgle sensibilities force me to support Anthony though btw. :P)

    1. This is not the Age of Sigmar version but a set of tables created back in 2001. The charts are nowhere as intricate or varied as the RoC tome but the games are said to be a bit more balanced.

      The original plan was to just pull stuff out of the Silver tower miniature box as I rolled them up but I am already sketching out conversion ideas. But that said it is Chaos so the stuff should be as singular as possible!

      As to supporting Anthony, his stuff is always a wonder to gaze upon so I will probably be secretly rooting for him as well ;0)


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