Saturday, 11 February 2017

RiotvilleLIVE!! Round 1.

After a mental last week before the half term I have finally managed to sit down and do a (sort of) write up for Riotville LIVE!!

Here for your viewing pleasure is a summary of round one. . . . .

Most of the photos are of my battles but they were the ones I was mostly concentrating on so please forgive me my self absorption. 

Round one and I was drawn against Phil and his Skaven.

Painter of the day HAS to go to Phil because his army looked like this 5 weeks before Riotville LIVE!! . . .

Just a mass of grey plastic . . . . . But that was 5 weeks ago and this is Phil.

His army now looked like this . . . . .

An absolute sterling effort which left us all a bit speechless!

The battle kicks off and my plan is to decimate as much of his army as quick as possible before hitting his massive battle bus from all angles to negate his rank bonus.

My battle bus crashes through a regiment of Clan Rats without breaking a sweat . . .

I delibrately set the majority of my forces as far way from his battle bus hoping my speed would allow me to pick off vunerable units. I had forgotten about the abomination!!

This is the point where my plan went up in smoke as I crash my Orge bulls and Leadbelchers into Phil's unit of Plague monks.

In my confidence I decided to not commit my Mournfangs and Sabretusks to the combat and have them sweep round the flank. 

This would prove my undoing as my Ogres just bounced off the Plague Rats without them even noticing. Both units fled from the combat!!

This was also the point Phils Sewer Runners had engaged my Ironblaster long enough to allow the Abomination to charge in unmolested!

My only source of pride at this moment was my lowly Gnobblars who had managed to terrorise Phil into not charging them for 4 turns!!

When Phil finally bit the bullet my 50 point unit caused several fatalities thanks to their traps!

But this proved small comfort as I had to face the fact I did not have sufficent forces to break Phil's Battle bus and had to conceed the field!

Round one also saw Jesus George and his Dwarves face off against Lee and his Orc and Goblin horde.

The Dwarf gun line proved deadly as the Green tide were forced to advance onto a barrage of shot!

When the Orcs and Goblins finally made contact they lacked the punch needed to break the Dwarven shield wall.

Despite the arrival of the Giant arachnid the Orks were soundly beaten by the end of round six!

Lee's spider was still my favourate model of the day!

On the third table Ed and Lano were locking horns with Lano's High Elves and Lizard men.

A thousand point tussle which allowed Ed's super brain to grasp the rules of WHF so he could compete in the second round.

So round one saw both Phil and George on 3 points and off to a flying start.


  1. What a start! Damn those pesky rats though. :)

    1. Was a great start to the day. Phil's Skaven were going to be a tough nut to crack.

  2. Horrible Skaven, very difficult to shift, have lost to them many times :-)


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