Thursday, 25 June 2015

Warmachine: The Devil Dogs. Jack Wrecking crew. 25 point Highborn Covenant list

Upset the Devil and you'll get her horns!

Another unit finally finished after a year of faffing about and being distracted by other projects. This is the unit I usually reach for to attach to my 20 point force, when playing 25 point games with the Highborn Covenant against Warjack or Warbeast heavy armies.

After my initial successes with this unit I found them being left in the box more and more often as other units took prominence.

It's only recently they have made a resurgence due to the prevalence of high armour, multi box, models in my opponents armies. With various buffs and shernanigans going on, armour 22 opponents seem to be the norm now!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

5K battle. The great british 40K shoot off!

The plan was a simple one, go to the park for an hour with the kids . . . . then the heavens opened and within minutes the kids are climbing the walls.

Thankfully I have just brought the tub of terrain in from the car to make room for the bikes.

The tub is cracked open and the following is laid out by the kids . . . . .

We decide the rug is 'intergalactic grass', hence the crazy colours!

“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad, For all their wars are merry, and all their songs are sad.”

Last Thursday saw another knife edged battle between Macca's Irish and my Normans, lead by the Bastard.

Macca win initiative and has me set up first. I decide to use the open ground up my left flank to sweep round the Irish while my Warlord and infantry hold the centre with their crossbows.

Macca being a sod decides to set up in the opposite corner!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Saga Gripping Beast. William the Bastard. SHVA04

With the next meeting of the Armoury Gaming club fast approaching (i.e. tonight!), I hit the brushes in an attempt to finish off my Norman Warlord.

Having assembled a 6 point army for under £20 I decided to splash out with the leader and get myself an official 'Bastard' to lead my army from the Gripping Beast site.

Originally wanted the figure to be looking down (as in striking an infantryman) but it was proving a nightmare to achieve, so just had him looking to his left like he's eyeing up a strike on someone hitting his shield.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Warmachine Highborn Covenant 20 point army list. Viva la revolution

So with the finishing of my last Gun Mage, I have finally painted up my 20 point High Born Covenant army list.

I am not going to pretend this is some super-duper, all conquering, Chuck Norris, world dominating, super beardy list, but it is the list I have the most fun(?) with.

I have pretty much built this entire army around Ashlynn’s feat and if nothing else ensures me at least a round of giggles as everything goes for a flying lesson in the feat turn. There are holes in this list and I always struggle against Sorscha and Satyxis Raiders with their Sea Witch attachment but other than that, it is a fairly versatile force that has a punchers chance against everything.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Misery . . . . Yep I'm back playing Warmahordes!

yep even Katy Bates plays Warmachine!
So I'm miserable . . . . I must be playing Warmahordes again!

At least the game looked epic!

As I have finally finished painting a 20 point army list it is only obvious Lano and I would decide to play  . . .  35 points! 

Obvious really.

Lano sets out his 35 points and they look gorgeous (I have snogged worse)!

I set out my 35 points (only one unpainted miniature . . . drats!).

Thursday, 11 June 2015

100 miniatures (and counting)


Today I passed the land mark of painting / moving on 100 miniatures. Not bad considering its only June and the (Summer) painting months are on their way.

With the completion of the above miniature I managed to finally get my 20 point High Born Covenant, Warmachine army painted up after over a year of faffing about!

It's funny how passing a mile stone gives you a second wind and I also managed to get 3 grots painted up while waiting for the ink washes to dry on the Mage.

and then while the ink washes were drying on the Grots I made a start on one of the Fenris Zombie Dogs I bought at Salute this year.

I have three and have decided to paint one up for a pet for Alexia, every time she gets to rise a Khador War hound from the dead. This first one is from killing Tims' War hound, game before last.

Did not really want to blog this one as he looks pants in the photos but the Thrall was painted in under 15 minutes and I figured at least one of the Thralls deserved a coat of paint after killing off the Slone Ranger last game

Lets crunch the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 105
Miniatures bought this year = 18
323 miniatures to go.
I was feeling ready pleased with myself until I looked at Dave Taylors blog and saw he has painted (to an expectional level!!!) over 350 miniatures!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The end of an Empire?

After hearing from a reliable source (it seems) all WHF Empire boxes will be disappearing form the shelves of all GW's and independents within the next three weeks to make room for the new 'Steam punk Empire' miniatures, I have decided to paint up some Empire Knights to get me to the 99 miniatures mark for the year (so far).

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Warmachine. Ashlynn against the Slone (and) Ranger(s).

Last December I had a bit of a Warmachine melt down! 

Since then I had only played two games.

One was a 50 pointer against Lano as it seemed the most appropriate way to see out a year of absolute misery that was 2014. To my surprise it turned out to be a cracking game that we unfortunately had to pull short due to time constraints.

The other game was against Tim at the Creative Biscuit. His only other opponent would have been Russell and Tim was not ready for that kick in the nuts yet! Again it developed into a cracking game of 30 points!

So as is the way with poisonous relationships after a while you start looking back, remembering the good times and wondering "Was it really so bad?".

As a consquence I have found myself picking this up more and more often to have a read..........
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