Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The end of an Empire?

After hearing from a reliable source (it seems) all WHF Empire boxes will be disappearing form the shelves of all GW's and independents within the next three weeks to make room for the new 'Steam punk Empire' miniatures, I have decided to paint up some Empire Knights to get me to the 99 miniatures mark for the year (so far).

Some how these four Knights have taken over ten days to paint! Really strange as they are only a spray of Army Painter Metal, inking with Nuln oil, Metal dry brush. Then some blue ink wash for the flash bits and then the other bits were painted the relevant colour and given a brown ink wash.

I think the decision around the club is going to be to stick with 8th edition. I am really pleased with this as last year my WHF games were some of the most closely contested, knife edged, rewarding games I ever had!

So what have I picked to be my 100th miniature of the year?

This fella. . . . .

The finishing of this fella will also mean I finally finish my 20 point High born covenant army after only a year of faffing about!

I have also managed to move on six more Rhul Forge Guard (used once!) via ebay
Once again lets look at the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 99
Miniatures bought this year = 18
329 miniatures to go.


  1. Well done, great looking figures...

    1. Mant thanks. I just can't believe they took over 10 days to paint.

  2. They look smashing, nicely painted. I can't see myself playing 9th edition either.

    1. Thanks.

      I am sure despite all the big talk we will fold and ending up having a poke at 9th. Who knows?


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