Sunday, 30 March 2014

The 1st Lustrian expeditionary forces, deeper we delve

I know its Mothers day but I somehow managed to end up with the kids for over 30 hours on my own so I ducked out as soon as I could to blow some steam off via the medium of 28mm fury.

Secret sunday gaming club here we come!

Unlike last week when the place was banged out only Lano was in attendance (i swear he sleeps in the air conditioning ducts like Newt in Aliens!).

After a brief and confusing conversation about magic items and scrolls we decided to up the anti and play a 900 point game with various magic bits and pieces added to the mix.

Initial Set up

Managed to win the set up roll so let Lano set up first,

Positioned my gryphs opposite his Warriors and the Knights in close support.

This time I went for 2 wizards (both level 2) and after the lesson last time decided to keep them behind the main force as "magical artillery" ganging up on flanking units and providing augments to units about to get jumped, or popping out to take pot shots at enemy units. I used life and Heaven magic for these reasons and gave the General a ring with a Fireball spell as i figured this would be a nice surprise to any one just out of charge range.

Initial stages

The skinks skitter forward, and its not long before I realise I am slowly being coaxed out of position by the skinks fleeing and my units being pulled forward the minimum roll each time

Now to see if this "magic artillery" plan works out, the Rippers swoop around my right flank and both wizards open up with all sorts of bad intentions and wipe out the unit before they are turned into bird feed. Its a shame such gorgoeus figures have to leave the table so soon but hey this is war!

Once I noticed the Knights were being pulled out of position I marched the gryphs up, hoping Lano would take the bait as these were now the closer target and would at least get their 9 gryph attacks off before the lizzies got to cause their carnage. Thankfully Lano takes the bait and charges the gryphs, now I just have to find out if this was a good idea.

The gryphs take a kicking but hang on in there and I think I made the right decision. To be honest Lano once again made great use of various augments and hexs which i tried desperately to dispell with dice and scrolls but a double 6 on the last spell meant there was nothing I could do to stop it. It cost Lano one of his wizards who disappeared in a puff of smoke but the extra attacks the Saurus leader gained were absolutey devastating on the Empire gryphs.

My wizards once again perform well in their new role as artillery and use their superior range to knock six shades of shit out of the skinks sneaking round my left flank

The knights also finally manage to make a flank attack on the Warriors but my glee soon fades as a series of piss poor rolls made worse by Lanos expert use of Hex's and his Champion mean they end up bolting off towards the nearest table edge. Thankfully the gryphs hold, which mean the Knights can not be run down by the Lizard warriors.


Once again the Gryphs show their worth by twating the Lizard warriors and the Knights rally before disappearing off the table edge, but now my dilemma is do I get charged in the rear by the skinks or the Warriors as there is no way I can see the Gryphs lasting another round of combat!

I decide to go for the Warriors as if nothing else I get to have a pot shot at Lanos remaining wizard with the generals ring of power.

As if the winds of magic demand this to happen, i manage to roll 12 magic dice!! I decide to move my wizard closer to the warriors as I figure i will end up rolling a double six at some stage and plan to take as many Warriors with me when it all goes wrong (is this the first recorded case of a suicide bomber in Lustria?).

I figure I will cast my Augments and hexs first before going nuts with my blast spells. With a little inner chuckle I pick up my first 3 spell die to cast my first spell, I only need a 5 so how can this go wrong? ............................................

 This is how!!!!!

Seriously a 4 on my first cast!! so there gos the rest of my magic turn.

At least my General gets to cast his fire ball spell but the Lizard wizard uses his Dispell scroll to great effect.

The last of my gryphs is slaughtered and the skinks make sure they get close enough to my remaining wizard to get the double tap off but their diminished numbers hurt their hitting power and Marcus will survive the battle.

The knights are charged front and rear and once again fate proves to be fickle and a series of poor rolls result in my knights being run down and leaving the lizards once again victorious


1) What a ding dong battle, Using the Wizards as artillery really helped with my lack of units.

2) Magic items are a real game changer and I really need to study the magic cards and items list to help plug holes in my forces.

3) There is no point getting the charge off if the target unit is buffed up to the eye balls. I can whinge about die rolls but Lano truly played the game and created his own luck which I think proved pivotal to the entire battle. If I had run his warriors off in that flank attack the field would have pretty much been mine.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Whack of the Day 4 Southern Division

Welcome back Bloodheads to another great Whack of the day.

What a hectic highlight session to come with two massive games in the Southern Division and a all or nothing decider between the Avelorn Angels and the Karma Khameleons to decide a place in the Final next week!

Game one

Averlorn Angels vs the Wild Cards

The Female (?) elves kick off and the Humans attempt to split the field with two breaks down the flanks.

When East and West collide Bob, well people lose teeth Bob

The Wild cards make the mistake of leaving their Catcher out on a limb with the ball in their own half and the Angels pounce like hes a Louis Vuitton Hand bag in the first 15 minutes of the Harrods sale. The poor fella never stood a chance Bob

The Asian sensations do their best to run down the Female (?) blitzer but all in vain and the score is one nil.

The Wild cards do their best to even the score and charge the field with reckless abandon

The Elves envelop the Wild cards central charge and stall out their attack..................Could another reversal be on the cards Bob?

The wild cards desperately try to keep possession of the ball but "the hebrew Hammer" is powerless to stop the strip................... no not that kind of strip Bob the Angels are staying fully clothed so hold on to your lunch.

Looks like every one is Kung Fu fighting bob

The Wild card Kicker desperately tries to clear a way through to the Female (?) blitzer, but unlike the movies where the baddies all wait in line to get their heads kicked in, some one shouts out "BUNDLE" and the kicker ends up flat on his back!!!!

With no one to stop the charge the Female (?) blitzer crosses the line to make it two - nil.

For the love of God some one turn off the slow motion replay !!!!!!!!

Poppa needs new shorts Bob!!!!!

With this crushing defeat of the wild cards only a win by the Karma Khameleons will do if they want through to the finals next week!!!!!


The Avelorn Angels Vs The Karma Khameleons

The Khameleons Kick off and charge the field, both coaches look pensive as the teams close the distance at break neck speed

I'm really not sure how effective that red card is going to work as a shield Bob?

Here comes the Krunch Bob, hold on to your seat!!


Seriously Bob has some one greased the Astrogranite!!!! For 6 turns there is hardly a player on their feet as the teams do their best to rip the faces off each other.....What a game Bob!!

Finally the Lizzies get the upper hand and multiple block the Elves off the field to run in the touch down

Will this be enough to win the game as The Angels only need the Draw to go through to the finals!!

The Elves recieve the Kick off again and this pundit is nearly peeing in his pants in excitment!!

Once again both teams end up flat on their faces and new talks will be opened with Pike to see if some kind of Rubber boot can be fashioned to stop all this slipping..........personally Bob I can't see it catching on and I am going to keep all my money invested in "Enemies Reunited"

With the pulling down of the Female (?) catcher something breaks within the Elven team and the Elf coach suddenly looks deflated and the Lizzies pounce again to run in the second touchdown and themselves all the way into the 6 Dominions final!!

I'm sorry Bob i'm confused is it Lizards arms or tails which grow back?

Because if its the latter this poor bloke could be in trouble for the finals!!

So that wraps up the Southern Division Bob,

The Karma Khameleons lead the Table on  8 points, The Averlon Angels sit second just one point behind on seven points with the Orc team lamenting their decision to spend the games breaking heads rather then scoring shunted into third on 5 points and last but no means least the inexperienced team of the Wild cards occupy the bottom slot on 4 points.

How close can it get Bob....... What a 6 Dominions and there are still the cup games to play!!!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

You looking at me? Reaper Mountain Troll 02877

Just a quick peek of my Birthday present to myself. Can not take any credit for this figure other then paying for the item and having Rob the commission painter at the Miniature empire paint it for me.

The light is crap for photos so this will have to suffice for now

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Whack of the day 3. Southern Division

Hi again bloodheads and welcome to another whack of the day.

Good news is the Avelorn angels finally made their 6 Dominions debut......bad news is we may have to rename them "the two Baggers, in case yours comes off" as the nurgle rot has really takern its toll on the fine form of the elves!!!!

We will go to the highlights soon but I should warm you that some scenes may be unsuitable for our younger viewers!


The Orc team elect to recieve the kick off and stomp up the left side of the field. Surprisingly they show some disipline and form what looks like a defensive formation rather then charging off to hit the nearest non green thing still breathing.

this shot is just porn really as I wanted to show off my newly painted orc team

WHALLOP the orcs stick it to the Female (?) elves , the good news is it can't make them any uglier!!

The casualties mount on both sides as the Orcs are squeezed against the side line and the Angels envelop the Orc chucker. Just out of shot Bob the female (?) catchers are flying down the field hoping for the fumble and an opportunity to score (I mean with the ball BOB....not with the groupies afterwards).

Finally Bob the orcs punch some holes (quite literally) in the Elven defence and "Sticky hands" Dan breaks free and runs out of puff just shot of the Touchdown line. "Long bomb" Glog gets the throw off despite pressure from the Female (?) elf blitzer and the Orc's fans grab the nearest "stunty" to get ready for their infamous "chuck" TD celebration!!

The Boots attempts to floor the Elf Thrower in his own special way but fails miserably and ends up on his face and the Thrower free to run down "sticky" Dan.

The thrower brings down Dan with an heroic tackle (I guess with a face like that Bob you've got nothing to lose!!!!!!). and the ball manages to bounce off every player and the crowd several times before coming to rest. 

After a short Mexican standoff the Female (?) thrower scoops up the ball and despite the pressure of the two Orcs pulls off the long bomb and one of the most remarkable reversals this Pundit has ever seen Bob. One - Nil to the Angels Bob!!!!!

The orc fans chuck the stunties anyway but this time at their own team rather then in the air!!!

With 6 turns remaining the Orc team have nothing to lose and charge up the left side of the field again to avoid the Ref.

I don't know if its the fumes from the Angels Crotch rot but the Orcs are off their game and a series of failed block, armour rolls sees them on the back foot, and their fouling is just pants.

The Orcs finally find some form but lose their nerve and an uncharacteristic backwards pass is just the opportunity the Elves need to chase down the ball and get another zinger into the Orc end zone!!!!

Two - nil to the Angels, and the Orc team sit second in the southern division on 5 points, but with their fate very much in the hands of the other teams who all have at least one game in hand.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

1000 pageviews

I guess the title says it all really.

Never believed I would break 100 views with my ramblings so guess there are too many people out there who would rather do anything other then work at work.

Thank you to anyone who actually visits this drivel of a blog more than once.

Whack of the day 3 Northern Division

Hellos again Bloodbowl fans and haters alike and welcome to another fun filled whack of the day. Only one game to report on today due to the ominious absence of the Avelorn Angels once again!

This pundit has recieved a confidential Medical report from the offices of the Angels and can report that the team has come down with a virulent bout of Nurgle tounge and crotch rot!

How such a disease can claim an entire ALL FEMALE team is anyones guess.......Are you guessing Bob...............are you?..................Bob.......................Bob.........................back in the room Bob.

only time and Lilly the Pink knows if the Angels will be competing in the 6 Dominions in the foreseeable future.

On a happier note (well for the undead coach anyway) we did get one game in this Friday between Mort and Mindy and the Rat infested Partnership.

Lets look at the high lights.

HOOF.  the undead kicker can be heard screaming "sod it, i've lost my leg" as he boots the ball.

"No you haven't its over here!!!!"  calls back one helpful Bloodbowl fan from the back bleachers.

Thats one hell of a souvenir for one fan Bob!

The Rats scramble for the ball and take off down the field with their Blitzers leading the charge to krunch some holes in the Undead's line of Skulls.

The rat catchers use their superiour agility to skitter through the holes in the line and catch the ball just squares from the Undead end zone. The crowd hold their breath (well the living fans anyway) and wait for the inevitable touch down!!

inevitable that is until somewhere deep within the recesses of a nearby undead player's mind a painfull memory is triggered................. "Heroic tackle"...................."Heroic tackle and a crowd on its feet in adulation" brings a strange light to his one remaining eye and he goes stumbling down the field to bring the Skaven catcher crashing to the ground!!!!!!!!!


The ref adds salt to the wounds by red carding one of the few remaining Skaven players.

Keep up the good work ref!!

The undead take a leaf out of the Halflings playbook (yes I said it Bob the HALFLING playbook), and clear the field of Rats, if only the Skaven sponsers Rentokil were so efficient!!

The Skaven coach pulls this face

and the undead run down the clock to score the only touch down of the game.

Unfortunately rumours persist that the undead chairman is unhappy about certain stipulations of the coaches contract not being fulfilled and this pundit suspects there will be more changes at the top before this 6 Dominions is over.
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