Saturday, 22 March 2014

Whack of the day 3. Southern Division

Hi again bloodheads and welcome to another whack of the day.

Good news is the Avelorn angels finally made their 6 Dominions debut......bad news is we may have to rename them "the two Baggers, in case yours comes off" as the nurgle rot has really takern its toll on the fine form of the elves!!!!

We will go to the highlights soon but I should warm you that some scenes may be unsuitable for our younger viewers!


The Orc team elect to recieve the kick off and stomp up the left side of the field. Surprisingly they show some disipline and form what looks like a defensive formation rather then charging off to hit the nearest non green thing still breathing.

this shot is just porn really as I wanted to show off my newly painted orc team

WHALLOP the orcs stick it to the Female (?) elves , the good news is it can't make them any uglier!!

The casualties mount on both sides as the Orcs are squeezed against the side line and the Angels envelop the Orc chucker. Just out of shot Bob the female (?) catchers are flying down the field hoping for the fumble and an opportunity to score (I mean with the ball BOB....not with the groupies afterwards).

Finally Bob the orcs punch some holes (quite literally) in the Elven defence and "Sticky hands" Dan breaks free and runs out of puff just shot of the Touchdown line. "Long bomb" Glog gets the throw off despite pressure from the Female (?) elf blitzer and the Orc's fans grab the nearest "stunty" to get ready for their infamous "chuck" TD celebration!!

The Boots attempts to floor the Elf Thrower in his own special way but fails miserably and ends up on his face and the Thrower free to run down "sticky" Dan.

The thrower brings down Dan with an heroic tackle (I guess with a face like that Bob you've got nothing to lose!!!!!!). and the ball manages to bounce off every player and the crowd several times before coming to rest. 

After a short Mexican standoff the Female (?) thrower scoops up the ball and despite the pressure of the two Orcs pulls off the long bomb and one of the most remarkable reversals this Pundit has ever seen Bob. One - Nil to the Angels Bob!!!!!

The orc fans chuck the stunties anyway but this time at their own team rather then in the air!!!

With 6 turns remaining the Orc team have nothing to lose and charge up the left side of the field again to avoid the Ref.

I don't know if its the fumes from the Angels Crotch rot but the Orcs are off their game and a series of failed block, armour rolls sees them on the back foot, and their fouling is just pants.

The Orcs finally find some form but lose their nerve and an uncharacteristic backwards pass is just the opportunity the Elves need to chase down the ball and get another zinger into the Orc end zone!!!!

Two - nil to the Angels, and the Orc team sit second in the southern division on 5 points, but with their fate very much in the hands of the other teams who all have at least one game in hand.

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