Saturday, 8 March 2014

Whack of the day Northern division highlights

Hi again Bloodbowl fans of all nations and welcome back to another great highlight show of Whack of the day 2.

This Friday the action was fast and furious as the Calador Dragons charged up their table with two 2 - nil victories thanks to their all new application of the passing game.

"Snake eyes" really studied his play books over the past week and rumors abound that the computer systems of a certain london borough went into melt down as "Snake eyes" developed new plays at his desk.

The new addition of the Skaven "Rat Infested Partnership Bloodbowl Club RIPBC" first took to the field against the Calador dragons and made an impressive debut but the Elves split the field on two occassions and the resulting long bombs were snatched from the air with ease by the revitalised elf catchers and run into the end zone before the Skaven got too bitey.

2 - nil victory to the Dragons.

Game two

The elves refuse to leave the field as the light is great for photos and their hair is looking great so Macca Shuffles on with his all new undead team Mort and Mindy.

It all kicks off ! The undead hoof the ball far upfield and the Elves attempt to split the defense with two charges down the sidelines.

Once again accusations of Bribery abound as the goblin ref seems to hunt down two elves and shows them the red card in the first two turns

The crowd on the left of the field gets their moneys worth as the elves floor the undead and continue their charge.

With 3 catchers heading towards the endzone the Elf thrower is spoilt for choice and a zinger of a pass sees the Dragons one nil up.

The restart sees the Elves booting the ball as far up the field as possible but refusing to sprint up the field after last weeks experience.

The elf blitzers lead the charge and go head to head with the undead at the half way line.

A shifty pass to the right side of the field tries to wrong foot the Elves but they are on the case and close down the gap.

The elves close in and force the fumble..................... is an Elf reversal on the cards Bob?

Oh yes Bob the Elves scoop up the ball and another zinger sees an Elf catcher mincing into the end zone and posing for the cameras. TWO NIL, TWO NIL to the Dragons BOB !!!!!!!!

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