Thursday, 22 December 2016

So have you ever wanted to punch a Warhammer TV bloke in the Face? . . . . Because it turns out I have!!!!!!

As regular readers of this blog know (all three of you), I used to compete in Martial Arts at quite a high level.

For some reason Britian was a hot bed of Stick Fighting talent and I would regularly have to fight TWO World champions in order to win a domestic title!

After a couple of years of this I decided to stop the heavy lifting and drop down a weight category. . . . and I cleaned up. . . . like dominated. . . . . .

. . . . . and then one year a young bloke from Nottingham called Rob Symes walked in the door and caused me an absolute nightmare!!!!

That was pretty much the end of me winning any more domestic titles!

Thats Rob on the left and me on the right.
I did get my own back when Rob started fighting in the minimal rules stuff as he was an expectional stand up fighter but I had a stronger ground game. If I could grab hold of the fella he was in deep water and I was a shark!

I fondly remember several top scraps with the bloke.

And then two days ago I saw the video above and thought the bloke looked familiar and yep it's the same Rob Symes I fondly remember punching in the face!

Just to state the obvious this is not a trolling post as I have always considered Rob a top, TOP bloke and an excellent Martial Artist. It also turns out he is an exceptional Warhammer player who now works for Warhammer TV.

Small world!!


  1. Small world indeed and reminds me never to upset you! :)

    1. or Rob as he can kick your head off your shoulders ;0)

  2. Proof of the interconnectedness, if that is a word, of people, especially at Xmmas. Have a good holiday Riot :-)

  3. A small world, indeed! Hope you have a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

    1. Thanks man. Have a great Christmas and may all your presents be 28mm sized!

  4. Very interesting. Yeah people don't understand that we also hit people we like. Our training partners are usually very good friends. If it weren't that way it would get ugly fast. You also don't have to dislike people to beat the crap out of them.

    1. ;0)

      I really like you mate . . . . Take this!

      By the way I think you would agree it's much more fun beating the crap out of people you don't like!

      Have a great Christmas mate


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