Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last post of 2016. Titan forge Anchor Bashers.

I just wanted to post the final finished miniatures of 2016 so I can post my tally for the year.

Another set of gorgeous sculpts from Titan forge.

Decided to give the fella above Bermuda shorts with palm trees to complete the beach vibe.

And for the final time this year lets do the numbers.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 194 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 30 (damn you BOYL!!)
I had time to have a proper recount and wished I never bothered!

459 miniatures to go!

164 in the black this year.
Smashed my target of 100 miniatures painted or sold this year by 94!
I have managed to resist Bloodbowl as it has not taken off in my gaming circles so there is no point flogging a death horse. Unfortunately when I went to buy Space Hulk it is no longer available and I cannot excuse now paying eBay prices. A shame but I know in my heart I have dodged a bullet on that one.
Not sure if I will bother setting targets for next year as I need to buy some new minis for my Undead Mordheim Warband for our new campaign and I REALLY want a Giant for my Ogre WHF army (more on that later). Might be more of a case of concentrating on finishing off forces rather then hitting targets.
This year I have cut deep into the grey shame and truth be told I do not miss any of the miniatures that have moved to better homes via eBay so it could be a big selling year especially if the painting really slows down.
Do not think I will be doing a year in review thing as I'm back to work Tuesday and have completely ignored any paperwork over the holidays.

Want to wish everyone a prosperous new year.


  1. Absolutely wonderful, great sculpts and a cracking paint job.

    1. Many thanks. They are a wonderful mix of detail and big areas that allow you to get great results with minimal effort or go nuts with your free hand.
      Will definately be buying more of this stuff.
      Happy new year.

  2. Haha! Those are fantastic! Awesome sculpts and you've done a great job painting 'em. Love the bermuda shorts!

    1. Thanks. The sculpts are fantastic and I cannot lie . . . I did visit their site during Black Friday.

      As for the shorts, they just seemed to fit.

  3. Smashing stuff Riot, loads of character, lovely painting, very impressed :-)

    1. Thanks man. I lot of the credit needs to go to the sculpt.
      The fella created some lovely figures which just seemed to paint themselves.

  4. Been a great year to follow your progress.

    Hope to see some more great stuff in the coming year.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. The feeling is mutual.

      Here's to a productive 2017.

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