Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Warhammer Fantasy House, card model kit WIP

I have the poops today so had to have the day off work.

The toilets are too far away from my class room to risk it ;0).

With some down time I delved into my cupboard of grey shame and dug this out of the pile . . . . .

Picked it up on eBay a couple off weeks ago for less then £6 and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to crack it open.

Did not like the look of the card strips that come with the original kit so peeled them off and stuck on some tiles I had from an old 'Del Prado' 'make your own medieval thingy kit'.

I also delved into a pile of building bits I have been winning cheap on eBay with some cheeky bids and decided to add some to the mix.

Personally I think it looks miles better and the added weight gives it more purchase to the table.

Hopefully I will find some time to give the tiles a quick dry brush before a planned game of Mordheim on Friday to finish it off.

Not sure if I should go with red tiles or bluey / grey slate tiles?


  1. Niiiice! That's a blast from the past!

    1. Cheers it had that 90's air smell when I opened the zip lock bag ;0)

      it's in great shape considering it's age.

  2. Yes brings back memories here too.

    Kind of torn between the red of blue tiles... I'd make it match what you already have?

    Enjoy the extreme pooing. Father Nurgle is kind indeed!

    1. It is a cracking little kit considering what it is.

      I am leaning towards red so it will pop more againt my city battle mat and against a green battle field.

      As for the last comment 'The lord Nurgle giveth and taketh away!' ;0)

  3. Smashing model, will be a fine addition to your collection :-)

    1. Thanks mate. It's a brilliant little kit for what it is. Slots right in with the rest of the kit.


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