Saturday, 24 December 2016

Peace on Earth and good will to all men . . . . But NOT Rats . . . .Definitely NOT Rats!!

Christmas Eve Lano hosted a WHF 1850pts 'Seasons beatings', bring and bash in his garage . . . . With drinks and nibbles . . . .all very civil.

I set up opposite Phil and his new Skaven army.

Got to be honest with Jiri returning to his homeland and Russel MIA I did not expect to see Skaven again.

I finish setting up first and win initiative.

First thing I do is line up my cannons in the Skaven Stone thrower . . . . . .  

. . . . . . Of course I roll a double one!!

One fails to wound and the other only causes one wound!!

Sorry to Lano's neighbours as my language was a bit 'fruity' at this point!

Phil's turn and he gets 'Plague' off.

It decimates my Hand Gunners before ravaging my 'Red Caps'.

Thankfully this being Skaven it then decimates his own Death Runners.

At this point this is small comfort.

My Gryphs boil into the Clan Rats and start to turn them into little strips of fluff!

My Knights charge through the forset into the flame cannon attachment.

I hold my breath as Phil rolls his artillery die and the flame template stops milimeteres from my unit!!

And then I go and wipe out half a dozen Knights with my own miscast!!

All for a minus one to the Plague Rats movement. No it was not bloody worth it!!

It also kills off the flame cannon and stops me over runnig into the flank of the clan rats!

My Cannon line up on the big, swingy, ball thing and a roll of ONE means I fail to wound.

Thankfully the shit die roll both ways and the Skaven General fails to hit with any of his four attacks.

Once again I try to do some damage with the cannon.

The first cannon rolls a misfire!! . . . .

But it's ok I still have the other one . . . . .

Oh no . . . . . That fails to wound!!

Why do I bother?

My Militia rip the last Death Runner to pieces. . . .

And the combined attacks of remaining Knights and Gryphs kick the shit out of the Clan rats!

Causing them to bolt for the back table edge and get run down as they turn to flee!

"RUN you little squeaky bastards . . . . RUN!!"

Just when I think I might be turning the tables the Doom Wheel comes crashing into the flank of my Militia!

Phil tries to cause my cavalry to flee with his Stone thrower but ends up killing more of his own troops!

Now you see my Militia . . . . .

Now you don't!!

With my infantry reduced to a pittance   . . . . .

My cannon's unable to hit the side of a barn . . . .

and my remaining Cavalry facing down a giant block of Clan Rats  . . . .

I decide to sound the retreat and leave Phil the victor!!

Of the 5 games I have managed of WHF this year I only won the first one!

Over on the other table the WHF porn was in full effect as Macca fielded Lanos High Elves against his own Lizard men.


Want to wish everyone a lovely holiday . . (unless you play Skaven) and may all your presents by 28mm sized!


  1. Fabulous way to celebrate Christmas.

    1. It was a cracking day . . . despite all the calls from various WAG's asking when we were coming home!

  2. Gorgeous games to look at, even if only to see so many ranked ratmen. Always loved me some Jes Goodwin Skaven (My fav WFB sculpts), but then realised just how much it would cost to collect a horde big enough to field - and so sod that idea.

    1. Like you I have always liked the look of Skaven it's just the idea of painting that many figures that put me off.

      As to expense I see your point but with the new Spire of Dawn box set you get a half decent starter set and can sell off the Elves to recoop some of the cost. Just an idea ;0)


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