Friday, 23 December 2016

Saga battle report. "Who the bloody 'ell threw that?"

This Thursday Macca and I locked horns over a game of SAGA.

Problem was we had only played once (maybe twice?) this year so the game was not played at what I would call break neck speed!

Thankfully the rule book is a lot slimmer then others out there or we would never have got finished.

The field is set with an orchard on the left, ruined church in the centre and a farmstead on the right . . . . and then I remembered about the bloody 'Sons of Dana'!

Still need to finish off that final point of Norman Sergents.

After a couple of turns of movement and long ranged attacks my Knights finally get to grips with a unit of Irish Warriors.

The rest of my forces follow behind desperately trying to stay 4 inches away from any uneven ground (Bloody Sons of Dana!).

My Knights are wiped out in the Irish retaliation of javelins boosted by various abilities.

Then my Sergeants get stuck in and my rolls do not have 'any luck of the Irish' and my Sergeants are decimated in the round of melee.

My Knights decide to show the Sergeants how its done and get stuck in to a unit of Irish Hearthguard. . . .

and wipe them out!!

This aggressive burst of speed leaves my Warlord exposed. As expected Macca jumps straight on this and makes an assassination run on him.

Thankfully I make the saving roll required. It was a risky move but I left him exposed on purpose to flush out Macca's forces.

My Knights make another aggressive move to clear a path to the Irish Warlord but an horrific roll sees the Norman Knights massacred.

I ride my Warlord other to my Crossbow men and try to decimate the exposed Irish warriors.

Another dismal roll sees me overlooking a battle field still full of Irish while I only have my Warlord and crossbowmen left.

I decide to sound the retreat and leave Macca the victor!

Over on the other table Lano and Tim ripped lumps off each other via Warmachine.

Great looking battle!


  1. A couple of great games, bold moves in the SAGA game!

    1. No choice really thanks to those bloody 'Sons of Dana'!

  2. Never played Saga, but have some Gripping Beast Vikings, can feel myself being drawn in......

    1. I noramlly try to warn people off the plastic crack but in this instance I wuold say jump in with both feet.

      Vikings are a cracking little 'plug and play' faction. Don't bother with Levy.

  3. Saga is very fun. One day I'll even finish painting my Jomsviking and Saxons...

    I think horrible rolls were more to blame in your game than lack of quality troops? My experience of being on the pointy end of Norman knights was not a happy one.

    1. I really enjoy playing SAGA and fully recomend it. Never played against Joms or Saxons but look forward to seeing them painted up to the same standard as your Bolt action Soviets.


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