Sunday, 31 July 2016

Holiday painting. Reaper, Village of Kullhaven, Townsfolk

Here are some pics of the painting I managed to complete while away.

This is the bartender from the Reaper Kulhaven set.

This fella is painted up as a NPC element for my games of Mordheim.

He has also ended up in my Empire army militia and has already seen off a Orc Stone Golum and a unit of 20 Arrow boyz!

What a boy!

The lovely fact is the weather was beautiful and we had a brilliant time so I spent very little time with the brushes.

I did get 4 Greatswords finished as well. The truth is they are not great sculpts and I have a lot of duplicates in the set I bought. Thankfully I bought a set of the modern efforts and the set above will probably end up in the rear ranks.

I also wanted to show off a effort of my friend Lee. He is a WHF salty dog and it was a pleasure to play his fully painted Orcs. Unfortunately the sun was setting so I never really got a chance to take any photos.

Real shame!

One realisation I have had is that I am going to need to field more spearmen as it looks like we will be playing 1500 to 2000 point games. This is great but there was no way I was looking to paint another dozen of the pigs!

This has led to me pulling out the green stuff and creating this guy . . . . .

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 83 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 15 (silver tower does not count)
371 miniatures to go!
68 in the black this year

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Al fresco Warhammer.

Last week Lano and I managed to meet up for 1500 points of al fresco, WHF, 8th edition gaming.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Year of puns. July / Crewly.

Here is my entry for July for my year of puns.

My original intention was to paint a set of miniatures which homaged a rather striking picture from the original Mordheim rulebook but once again time and tides got in the way.

July was to be a entry relating to Groo ly (dim swordsman) or crews (pirates etc) so I pulled out an Empire cannon and crew to paint up.

They all ended up boss eyed or blind as I am yet to hit anything with a cannon in any of my WHF battles!

It just seemed fitting.

Regardless, they are done and I am looking forward to Au(pus)t.

Miniatures painted / sold this year =78 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 15 (silver tower does not count)
376 miniatures to go!
63 in the black this year.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

My WHF 8th edition Empire Army

With the sun out and my 'Sons of Sigmar' getting a run out in the fine weather I decided to take some army pics to see where I was with my 1st Company Lustrian Expeditionary Forces.

Here we are. . . . .

Group shot of all my painted elements.

My Militia, which thanks to Mordheim are the best painted regiment in the whole army!

Centre of picture are my 'Deamon Slayers' spearmen with my Warpriest.

My hard as nails, Demigryphs.

Custoras my Grand Master, with Rags and Marcus Darklore my level 2 Wizards. In the back ground you can see my units of 'Second Sons' mounted Knights.

Here are my cannon and crew, Matilda and the boomtown rats.

Here is my gunline. The guy on the end is a sniper.

My 'Noble flashes' pistolliers. Basically my suicide troops.

At some point this lot below will end up as a detachment of crossbows or Huntsmen.

There are still lots of elelments to add to this army but there is no rush as there is still a strong following for 8th amoung my gaming circles.

I am currently painting up a second cannon and crew for Crew(ly) / July and below is a photo with my Greatswords and other unpainted elelments added.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Year of Puns. Lune / June

I finally got to paint something!!!!!

Here is my belated entry for my year of puns, June / Lune.

It needed to be something connected with the moon. I originally wanted to do a werewolf but never got round to buying something so picked this Gaspez Arts Vampire out of the lead mountain.

The heat in Britian is loopy at the moment but I am getting a lovely cross breeze in the office and with the wife out and kids at school it was too good an opportunity to miss!

Out come the paints for the first time in over 6 weeks and I assembled, primed and painted this fella in just under two hours.

It shows how much this hobby means to me when even my wife insists I get out and gaming over the summer as she can see how it keeps me sane!

Looks like I have a game of WHF lined up for Friday against Lano, the new Generals handbook for AoS is released Saturday and I am very interested to have a look at the 'Path to glory' segment and then there is BOYL in two weeks.

COME ON!!!!!!!!

It's good to be back (Pun intended!).

Miniatures painted / sold this year =74 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 15 (silver tower does not count)
380 miniatures to go!
59 in the black this year.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Hello Dorkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again

Well I have survived this term but goodness knows how!

I have been a teacher since 1997 and have never known tiredness like this.

How do you spend 12 hours a day at school in the last week of term!?!

I have spent the last three days sitting like a zombie on the sofa and have finally found the energy to drag myself up stairs to the desk top to blog a post.

Anyway here is a hobby post.

These are a squad of Warmachine Steelhead cavalry painted up by Lano for me.

I figured with the release of the Mark 3 Warmachine there will be a renewed interest in Warmachine within my gaming circles.

I have now not painted a miniature since the 21st of May and am slowly sorting out a painting list for this summer.

Miniatures painted / sold this year =73 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 15 (silver tower does not count)
381 miniatures to go!
58 in the black this year.
I am going to try and hit the 100 miniatures before the end of the summer but time will tell.
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