Saturday, 30 July 2016

Al fresco Warhammer.

Last week Lano and I managed to meet up for 1500 points of al fresco, WHF, 8th edition gaming.

As always I pulled out my 'Sons of Sigmar' while Lano pulled out his new force of High Elves.

Much ribbing of Lano ensued as the army is mostly unpainted! Oh the shame of it.

My Spearmen and cannon will attempt to hold the centre while my cavalry demolish the flank and then ride to the rescue. . . . . . What can possibly go wrong?

Lano uses his fast cavaly to screen his Dragon Princes. 

This forces me to charge the fast cav . . . . . 

Meaning Lano gets to hit me with the counter charge . . . . .

I am so nicking that idea!

Lano marches forward with his infantry

Then his Eagle / chariot thing charged my Cannon.

which then overruns into Rags my wizard.

My main unit of Knights is decimated by the Dragon Prince charge and then the Elves overrun into my Gryphs.

This is all going so well!  

At least the sun is shining. . . . . .

and I get to counter charge into the flank with my second unit of Knights.

My 'Deamon Slayers' then pitch into the Elf Eagle rider thing . . . . . .

and add a giant Eagle to their impressive tally of big things killed!

On my right the Dragon Princes are massacred in revenge for my General.

Lano's Eagle Chariot thing reappears behind my Gryphs. . . . 

and my Spearmen are absolutely destroyed by Elven bow fire!

My forces reform the line.

Lano redresses his line and knows I cannot play the long game due to the barrages of bowfire.

This forces me to pitch in with the remainder of my Knights.

But are battered and killed when they turn to flee!

And my Wiz is charged by the Eagle chariot. . .  .

And thats the win for Lano!

Despite the loss I am really looking forward to a summer of Warhammer fantasy!


  1. Smashing report love the fantasy/medieval feel created outside by the magnificent jousting tent :-) letshope we get enough summer for it to happen again :-)

    1. Now you have pointed out the jousting tent that is all I can see now ;0)

  2. What a great game, obviously the result didn't go your way, but I am guessing there were laughs a plenty during the afternoon.

    1. When you play 8th with this bunch everyone is a winner


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