Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Mordheim. Game 2. Death in Venice!

Read on to learn how Noble Lord Crashhart has found the fortitude to carry on after the cowardly mass suicide of his former warband in the flooded streets of "Little venice".

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The forsaken 2. Reikland mercenary warband reboot.

The forlorn faces at the inn table spoke volumes about how successful the first foray into Mordheim had been.

The foul beer and worm ridden bread did not help lift their spirits but it was all they could afford after the disaster of their first raid and the Chirurgeon bills that followed.

One poxy shard of Wyrd stone.... ONE!
The eyes of the men glowered at Crashhart. "Red” was already busy hauling their heavy armour and beautifully forged weapons into the merchants cart outside.

"Come on lads" Crashhart boomed "the armour made us too conspicuous any way! Think of all the new gear we can get with the funds".
Crashhart raised his rough, wooden, goblet. "A toast....... New beginnings".

The men murmured their response and downed their beers, wincing in disgust at the putrid taste of the liquor.
"Right boys, I'm popping outside to finish up with the merchant, finish your 'feast' and I'll see you outside".
Red was already sitting in the back of the cart as Crashhart exited the inn and jumped up to sit next to the merchant.
This would be a new beginning alright! By now the poison would be taking its toll on the others, the piss flavoured beer disguising its taste perfectly!

The sold off wargear and the bounties for his dead outlaw band would be just enough to fund his new warband.

Too many mistakes had been made the first time out and mistakes will get you killed in Mordheim!
The letter from his old "friends" from Lustria had cemented his decision. It was time to start again....... New beginnings indeed!

The Forsaken 2
After the disaster that was my first game of Mordheim and actually having read the rules I have decided to completely redesign my Reikland warband. The simple flaw was I had too few warriors to carry the battle field and all the gold coins spent on heavy armour amounted to nothing!

I have decided to stick with the Reikland Mercenaries (NO NEW MINIATURES!). But my equipment choices and lack of personnel really needed to be addressed.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

New Wargaming club hosted at "The Creative Biscuit" South Woodford E18 1JJ

Just wanted to announce that Tim at "The Creative Biscuit" will now be hosting a Wargaming night each month at his shop.

The Shop address is;
Creative Biscuit Ceramics Cafe
61 George Lane, 
South Woodford, 
E18 1JJ

First night will be the 19th of Febuary at 7pm.

Hope to see you there

Shop website with map is HERE 

If you want to know future dates and what we plan to be playing please check out the Armoury forum HERE

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mordheim Reikland warband. We need more artillery

Just a quick post of what I spent my first 40 lousy gold coins from my first mission on.

Our new member is called "Archie" and was one of the original hand gunners of the 1st Lustrian. He was honourably discharged and used his pension to buy a homestead near New Haven.

Archie was left pennyless after escaping the destruction of New Haven and now hopes to revive his fortunes in Mordheim

He is a Reikland Mercenary Markman (25 GC) with bow (10 GC), mace (3GC) and dagger (free).

Only 1 figure finished this week (393 to go!), but have kit bashed and base coated about half a dozen figures. Unfortunately the light quality this week has been really poor so I was not willing to try the detail work.

After actually READING the Mordheim rulebook I have been thinking about a complete reboot of my warband and starting again! This depends on me finishing up the new figures in time for next weeks game.

At least I am making a dent into the Militia detatchment for my WHF Empire army.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mordheim. Game 1. Fear the zombie conga!

Read on for the completely unbiased account of the Heroic, noble Lord Crashhart and the cowardice of the scum bag undead horde that shamelessly assailed him from all sides.

Saturday, 10 January 2015


Mordheim Reikland Mercenary Warband

So here is my completed Mordheim Mercenary Warband I finished painting last night.

And to be honest they are as much of a surprise to me as they are to you.

Introducing "The Forsaken"

Wednesday Lano put something on the forum about a Mordheim campaign and the whole thing kicked of this Saturday (nothing like a bit of notice).

I have a quick scan through a PDF rulebook and realise I can play with less then 8 models and I am suddenly feverishly sorting through my Empire army to see what I have to fit.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The first miniatures (of 400???) of 2015. Troubleshooter Bot Support Team. Red clearance.

So it's only the 6th of January and I have already completed 3 minis!

Only 397 to go!

First out the blocks are My Trouble shooter Bot Support Team (Red clearance) for my up coming game of Vulture Warriors of Dimension X.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 a review part 2, and resolutions for the upcoming year.


So May sees me introduced to the misery that is Warmachine.

Up until this point I had been quite enjoying my foray back into 28mm gaming but boy was that all about to change!

At least it opened me up to a whole new slew of opponents within the club and the majority of minis were brilliant casts.

Its all about that base, bout that base. No treble

So my brother is pleased as punch about his new found basing skills and they are far superior to my efforts (whats wrong with flock?)

So I have posted them here.

All the right junk in all the right place!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ten thousand hits

Woke up this morning to find my little corner of the internet has managed 10,000 hits!

And 8 followers, some of whom I have never actually met.

Did not quite manage the 10,000 in under a year but blimey its a LOT more then I was expecting when I started the blog last year.

Thank you one and all


50 points of Warmachine porn

Apart from the gaming front 2014 was an absolute misery, with only my kids and the painting keeping me sane over the last 12 months!

"Come on then! One at a time or all at once it makes no difference to me!"

And whats the best way to see out a year of absolute misery............. play 50 points of Warmahordes against Lano for the last day of the year!

The truth was I was only supposed to be dropping off my gaming table round to his as I no longer have a home for it but we both knew that would not be the end of it and I had the ammo box of Warmachine figures in the boot!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wargaming on Acid....... or letting a 5 year old GM a game of 40K

"I warned you...... Wargaming on Acid.... Do you see the giant bunny to?"

New years day and I wake up with a splitting headache from the two bottles of wine the night before and my guts doing somersaults!

After the cracking game of Warmachine yesterday and seeing out the horror that was 2014 with two good bottle of wine I was in a great mood despite the pounding in my skull.

I sneak the kids downstairs to let the misses sleep in. A bit of breakie and we are soon bored with the tele, suddenly the litte fella pipes up with "Daddy I'm bored, can we play Orks!"

Too right we can! and I sneak upstairs to grab the first bits which come to hand.

I will state right now that the only part I played in this scenario was setting up the space ship crash and saying that the survivors have to make it to the mountain to broadcast the rescue signal.

The rest of the acid trip that follows is completely of my kids devising......... You have been warned!

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