Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mordheim. Game 1. Fear the zombie conga!

Read on for the completely unbiased account of the Heroic, noble Lord Crashhart and the cowardice of the scum bag undead horde that shamelessly assailed him from all sides.

So Saturday night a motley crew of adventures assembled at the lost outpost of "Rom at the ford" to fearlessly explore the waste land of Mordheim.

Neil and his charming sons were kind enough to host us in his gaming shed (more on that later).

Neil had pre set the board.... and what a board!

No the tea cup is not a terrain feature!
We decide a 4 way skirmish is the way to go to get our head round the game dynamics with Lano and Neil (but mostly Lano) GMing us through the rules.

We all tentatively edge our way on the board. Well all of us except Denny who sets his Dire hounds on me as quick as a flash.

Thankfully Lord Crashhart had spent the gold coins on a reinforced cod piece which saved his bacon (the ladies scream in appreciation)

"my god it's sounds like cruffs round here!"

Kristos his Great Sword, Body guard charges to the rescue and the Dire hound is Hacked to pieces and removed from the board.

"Sit boy .... sit"

The rest of Dennys Warband proceed to the centre of the board making sure they remain in cover from Ed's Dead eye Elves who are climbing to high vantage points from which to take pot shots at the other Warbands.

As George forms an orderly Conga line, Noble Lord Crashhart is sandwiched between both undead forces and his band form a protective cordon around him, while my swordman plays hide and seek with a undead thrall.

Fed up with being shot at from the high climbing Elves Denny sets his Dire hound loose on the pointy eared ponces.

Macca's Zombies continue their conga!

At some point an Elf fails its initiative roll OF A 5!!! and falls from the first floor breaking his ankle. Legolas would not be impressed!

They also manage to fail their moral check and bolt back to the woodlands to write really long boring poems about externalism while hugging trees.

Lord Crashhart is worried about being swamped by two undead warbands and attempts to break out from the encircling undead through Denny's Warband. My hope was to cause enough casualties on his dwindling warband and force the moral check.

The hope was he would fail this check and clear the board.

The truth is I had two chances of achieving this.......... slim and none!

At least the photos look good.




The one highlight is when Denny only has to roll a 2+ to finish off my downed Greatsword...... The result is shown below......

I then REALLY fail my moral check and flee from the board after my daring first foray (of about eight inches) into Mordheim!

Macca and Denny's warband have a short tussle over the corpses of my Warband until Denny notices he is facing a full warband of zombies and elects to conceed the field rather then risk any of his Heroes.

So Macca is the victor...... mostly it seems from harnessing the power of the conga!!

Please check out the elven account HERE!

By the way describing Neils place as a "shed" is a real disservice as it is a treasure trove of Lead, resin and opp rule books.

Look what I found looking through a box of old rule books!!!!!!!

I have found the motherload!!!!!!!


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