Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 a review part 2, and resolutions for the upcoming year.


So May sees me introduced to the misery that is Warmachine.

Up until this point I had been quite enjoying my foray back into 28mm gaming but boy was that all about to change!

At least it opened me up to a whole new slew of opponents within the club and the majority of minis were brilliant casts.

July saw me on a real retro vibe as I painted up various old loft finds. 

I was also introduced to the 2009 edition of Space Hulk.The game was still the absolute business and unlike the original the sculpts were lovely as well!

July also saw me invent my own table top skirmish game called "the Killing 3000" as part of a challenge set by Damon at the Mini Empire.

Once again the fellas at the Mini Empire showed their creative verve and the game saw teams of WW2 Japs, Paras, IMEF marines, 40K orks, cyber men, leather clad dominatrix, D&D adventurers, Sisters of Battle and Skaven!

Just for the record inventing games is really hard work!

September saw me introduced to another game via Gripping Beasts' excellent SAGA as well as the start of "SAGA The Lustrian Chronicles"

September also made me realise how out of hand my hobby was getting!

Just the tip of the iceberg. Trust me!

October saw the start of the Warmachine "journeyman league" and my buying my second caster in the form of the Emo Magnus!

The photos looked amazing but the league also caused me to have a bit of a Warmachine meltdown and I had to walk away from the game for a while.

December saw me pick up a copy of "Rogue Trader" as a Christmas present to myself and could provide some interesting escapades for the new year.

And so lets have a look at the numbers;

Minis painted = nearly 200

Minis bought - FAR TOO BLOODY MANY!!!!!!

Systems started = Warmachine, SAGA and Warhammer Fantasy battle (been playing Space Hulk for 20 odd years so that don't count!).

Battles / games played = Over 50

And now the compulsory New Year resolutions

First, the only way I am going to give myself the excuse of buying anymore minis this year is if the whole Rogue Trader scenarios thing takes off as I have had great fun thinking through my favorite Sci fi films since the 50's and giving them a 40k twist.

I will start small using the figures I have and if I can find regular players I will allow myself to buy some additional minis to furnish the stories!

I also want to attend BOYL 2015 and finishing up my Ogre pirates and their ship is a project I want finished up in time for that (and the possible addition of some Titan forge Ogre pirates).

The frightening thing is I had a quick count up and need to paint or sell on nearly 400 miniatures before I come close to finishing off all the minis I have stored away!

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