Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mordheim Reikland warband. We need more artillery

Just a quick post of what I spent my first 40 lousy gold coins from my first mission on.

Our new member is called "Archie" and was one of the original hand gunners of the 1st Lustrian. He was honourably discharged and used his pension to buy a homestead near New Haven.

Archie was left pennyless after escaping the destruction of New Haven and now hopes to revive his fortunes in Mordheim

He is a Reikland Mercenary Markman (25 GC) with bow (10 GC), mace (3GC) and dagger (free).

Only 1 figure finished this week (393 to go!), but have kit bashed and base coated about half a dozen figures. Unfortunately the light quality this week has been really poor so I was not willing to try the detail work.

After actually READING the Mordheim rulebook I have been thinking about a complete reboot of my warband and starting again! This depends on me finishing up the new figures in time for next weeks game.

At least I am making a dent into the Militia detatchment for my WHF Empire army.

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