Saturday, 29 October 2016

6 point Viking SAGA army finished

It's amazing what playing again can do for your painting mojo!

One game of SAGA against Macca and I was foaming at the mouth to finish off 6 points of SAGA Viking.

First up the Berserkers are a compulsory unit for Vikings!
With Valhalla and other augments they generate 32 attack die! BUT they are a glass cannon and unless you keep them at the back you will always need a SAGA die on the 'Asgard' ability to save them from enemy missle fire. Even losing ONE of these fellas will really hurt their ability to cause carnage to the enemy!
They really are a one shot trick as they will almost definately be wiped out in the combat, but if those 32 attack die are against the enemy warlord who cares!
One warning I will give is against using them to clear an attack channel as they will always be massacred and this WILL generate a fatigue on any friendly units within 6 inches, which your opponent could exploit, especially to shorten the movement of the next charging unit which can stop the assassination run in its tracks.

They also really nerfed against Irish as I found out recently!!!

The Warlord (Olaf the lucky) is a given and in most scenarios his death results in your defeat. I try to keep my army in a 'flying brick' formation with as many units as possible within 6 inches of Olaf to allow the 'come with me' ability to get any unit moving.
This is especially true with this army list as the majority of the warband is Bondi and you can not always be garranteed the die to get all the units moving and make full use of the battle board boosts.
Remember just because you activate a unit with the Warlord he does not have to attack the unit with them. I usually just move him over to stand next to the other unit of Bondi while the unit he activated crash into any threats.

My 4 point Viking army list for SAGA is:
No poxy levy (whats the point!). 
The Warband consisits of;
 Warlord (free)
1 unit of Berserkers (1 point)
2 units of twelve Bondi (3 points of Bondi split into two units of twelve) 
The only difference for 6 points is I add 2 points of Hirdmen of as a single unit of eight figures.

As an aside here is Sven 'The Oak', half brother of Olaf 'The lucky' and his right hand man.
Sven was the result of a tryst between Skorri 'the adventutous' (Olaf's father) and Hilda the gigantic ginger milk maid!

I like to keep a large unit of Bondi around the Warlord as it always hurts to pawn hits off onto expensive and hard hitting Hirdguard (especially Berserkers!) when my Warlord gets attacked. Having the unit of twelve Bondi allows me to soak up a lot more hits and leave the Elite units free to do what they are best at - collecting skulls!
Also a unit of twelve Bondi with the Warlord in support can (with the right die) generate up to 34 ATTACK die. That is enough to put off any Warlord from making a run at your Warlord. Especially in the early stages of the game. 
The five new Bondi are hidden away in this first unit. They are table top standard and lets just leave it there.

 Here is my second unit of 12 Bondi.

Like the Hirdguard I like to keep them in big units so I can take advantage of 'Valhalla' etc and still keep the unit viable.

In summary here is my 6 point Viking army list for SAGA.
No poxy levy (whats the point!). 
The Warband now consisits of;
 Warlord (free)
1 unit of Berserkers (1 point)
2 units of twelve Bondi (3 points of Bondi split into two units of twelve) 
1 unit of eight Hirdmen (2 points formed into a single unit)
Now the numbers.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 153 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 30 (damn you BOYL!!)
316 miniatures to go!
123 in the black this year

Friday, 28 October 2016

Orctober 2016. It's the thought that counts.

Once again it's Orctober a celebration of all thats green and good?

Image the coutesy of Erny of 'Erny's place'

Erny over at Erny's place started a thing when he kicked off Orctober all those years ago.

Here is my entry for this year after the cut.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Warhammer Fantasy. The Battle of Small Haven

Against all his prayers to Sigmar it seemed the rumours were true. The plumes of smoke in the distance seemed to confirm the reports that Small Haven had been ravaged by Orc raiders. General Custoras could probably cover this up by sending reports back to Altdorf about a rogue plague ravaging his first settlement outside of New Haven but he would have to ensure that any survivours of the Small Haven were 'disappeared' as well as destroy the Orc raiders to recapture the riches of Small Haven to bribe his men to keep quiet!

The warning shouts of the outriding scouts snapped his attention back into the present. One way or the other this mess would be settled . . . . .NOW!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

lego Mordheim. The Dark Knight rises!

Malcore the wizard could sense the presence of the artefact. Somewhere in this vicinity the treasure lurked. Malcore tried to divine it's precise location but the warpstone buried within the city were scattering the winds of magic and thwarting his attempts. There was no option; they would have to mine into the stone edifice before them and risk the noise awakening that damn Broken King and his retinue.

Silently they crept forward.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Buying and selling

So I have finally picked up the complete set of army books valid for 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy.

Loads of Regiments of Renown inspiration and I am LOVING the Beastmen fluff! Could another Warhammer fantasy army be on the cards?

For now I am just content to flick through the books and dream but there are loads of lovely little stories and scenarios tucked away in these pages.

I have also had a first on eBay.

I have actually sold a painted miniature!!!

I had to be honest with myself and admit I am not going to invest in a load of Jacks to make my Cygnar army MK 3 viable and I still have my mercenaries, so all my Cygnar bits are going on eBay. The fella on the left sold in minutes and I do not miss him.

The following Warcaster is also currently listed and has several watchers so who knows he may be leaving Riotville soon?

I had a cracking game of SAGA against Macca and his Irish warband last Thursday. Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera at work so no battle report, but it did give me a kick up the backside to finish off 5 Vikings to complete my 6 point army list. It ended badly for my Warlord when he was pulled down by a pack of Irish Wolfhounds, hopefully I will get my revenge later this week?

Now the numbers.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 132 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 30 (damn you BOYL!!)
337 miniatures to go!
102 in the black this year

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Could another 24 hour painting challenge be on the way?

This has hit the web over the last week . . . . . . has gone live with a drip feed of tutorials and fluff vids.

Of course the lads at have been playing a campaign on youtube, including this video . . .

Aside from the dancing (which seems to transend Bloodbowl) it has managed to get me excited about the living rulebook rules which is a feat in itself as I have been a 2nd edition diehard for nearly thirty years!!

If the release date is right (i.e. in sync with a school holiday) and Lano is up for it, this could result in another 24 hour painting challenge!

Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

A sign of life and some retail therapy

So only 4 weeks into the new school term and already it's a case of working 11 - 12 hour days and entire weekends. SLT are already on a dick fest and I was told by my line manager "If you are going home early (i.e 6pm after working an 11 hour day!!!!), then I should not be surprised that I have to work entire weekends!" . . . . BELL ENDS!!!!!

So with my viewing patterns reduced to 3 to 6 minute rest breaks between mountains of paper work (I thought I was a teacher not a clerk), while stuck in front of a computer my obvious refuge has been youtube. In particular 'cracked' and 'honest trailers'.

One group I have stumbled across on youtube is these lads, Miniwargaming. In particular their 'Altdorf in flames ' videos, based on GW's Regiments of Renown rule set.

I immediately saw the potential in this rule set and the small sized, themed, warbands that could be created to play it;

An Ogre Irongut, trying to forge a career as a Maneater and his entourage of Gnobblers,
A Chosen of Chaos as a leader of the hunt with his pack of chaos hounds,
A warriors of Ulric warband, patrolling Darkwald forest,
A Bretonnian Knight with his retinue.

The potential is endless!

Of course like many depressed, overworked people I have resorted to retail therapy. One thing I did want to avoid was buying a shed load of miniatures. The truth is, the last thing I need is another heap of plastic crack sitting unopened in a cupboard.

In the end I know I am only going to end up staring at another endless tide of plastic and  lead and get even more depressed as the realisation hits my job means I will never get round to painting any of it. I could do without the 'buyers remorse' and probably even more depression!


Army books . . . . . . well that's another story, especially army books I could then use to dream up warbands and scenarios for Regiments of Renown.

It also means I can finally find a silver lining for spending so much time in front of the computer filling in paperwork . . . . . finding 8th edition, Warhammer, army books ending at silly O'clock on eBay on the cheap!

Hence having this lot landing on my door mat over the last three weeks. . . .

This book has proved particularly inspiring. . . . .


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