Sunday, 16 October 2016

Could another 24 hour painting challenge be on the way?

This has hit the web over the last week . . . . . . has gone live with a drip feed of tutorials and fluff vids.

Of course the lads at have been playing a campaign on youtube, including this video . . .

Aside from the dancing (which seems to transend Bloodbowl) it has managed to get me excited about the living rulebook rules which is a feat in itself as I have been a 2nd edition diehard for nearly thirty years!!

If the release date is right (i.e. in sync with a school holiday) and Lano is up for it, this could result in another 24 hour painting challenge!

Fingers crossed.


  1. Replies
    1. Do you mean the game, the dancing or the 24 hour challenge?

  2. If your doing this during half term and need moral support let me know!

    1. I was hoping it would be coming out this Friday but no such luck.

      Any extra support is always welcome (moral or otherwise)!

  3. Look forward to see what the new version looks like :-)


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