Sunday, 9 October 2016

A sign of life and some retail therapy

So only 4 weeks into the new school term and already it's a case of working 11 - 12 hour days and entire weekends. SLT are already on a dick fest and I was told by my line manager "If you are going home early (i.e 6pm after working an 11 hour day!!!!), then I should not be surprised that I have to work entire weekends!" . . . . BELL ENDS!!!!!

So with my viewing patterns reduced to 3 to 6 minute rest breaks between mountains of paper work (I thought I was a teacher not a clerk), while stuck in front of a computer my obvious refuge has been youtube. In particular 'cracked' and 'honest trailers'.

One group I have stumbled across on youtube is these lads, Miniwargaming. In particular their 'Altdorf in flames ' videos, based on GW's Regiments of Renown rule set.

I immediately saw the potential in this rule set and the small sized, themed, warbands that could be created to play it;

An Ogre Irongut, trying to forge a career as a Maneater and his entourage of Gnobblers,
A Chosen of Chaos as a leader of the hunt with his pack of chaos hounds,
A warriors of Ulric warband, patrolling Darkwald forest,
A Bretonnian Knight with his retinue.

The potential is endless!

Of course like many depressed, overworked people I have resorted to retail therapy. One thing I did want to avoid was buying a shed load of miniatures. The truth is, the last thing I need is another heap of plastic crack sitting unopened in a cupboard.

In the end I know I am only going to end up staring at another endless tide of plastic and  lead and get even more depressed as the realisation hits my job means I will never get round to painting any of it. I could do without the 'buyers remorse' and probably even more depression!


Army books . . . . . . well that's another story, especially army books I could then use to dream up warbands and scenarios for Regiments of Renown.

It also means I can finally find a silver lining for spending so much time in front of the computer filling in paperwork . . . . . finding 8th edition, Warhammer, army books ending at silly O'clock on eBay on the cheap!

Hence having this lot landing on my door mat over the last three weeks. . . .

This book has proved particularly inspiring. . . . .



  1. It does look like great fun to play, some of the lads over at Wakefield Warriors were playing it last year and they were having a hoot. Ta for posting will enjoy watching :-)
    As regards workload issue I agree it has become ridiculous, no wonder younger members of staff leave the profession after a couple of years.

    1. I know. Imagine being 24 and looking at a life time of this nonsense. I would head for the door after a couple of years. It's only my kids and morgage which is keeping me motivated at the moment.

      Well half term is slowly dragging closer. Hopefully I will get some games in then.

  2. It has certainly been a brutal start to the year. On the plus side I have taken your lead and started a table top gaming club. We are a small group, but have enjoyed a few games of Rum & Bones and Bushido so far. Not long to half term!

    1. Thats great to hear! I am sure the students are loving it.

      Roll on the half term.

  3. Sorry to hear work is being a drag - best thing I ever did was leave teaching and head for the hills of Cumbria! Roll on half term for you - certainly looks like you won't be short of holiday reads!

    1. Cheers man.

      My moral is at a real low but unlike yourself I am too far in to walk away now.

      Like you say (if I do get a spare 5 minutes) I will have plenty to read!


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