Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last post of 2016. Titan forge Anchor Bashers.

I just wanted to post the final finished miniatures of 2016 so I can post my tally for the year.

Another set of gorgeous sculpts from Titan forge.

Decided to give the fella above Bermuda shorts with palm trees to complete the beach vibe.

And for the final time this year lets do the numbers.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 194 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 30 (damn you BOYL!!)
I had time to have a proper recount and wished I never bothered!

459 miniatures to go!

164 in the black this year.
Smashed my target of 100 miniatures painted or sold this year by 94!
I have managed to resist Bloodbowl as it has not taken off in my gaming circles so there is no point flogging a death horse. Unfortunately when I went to buy Space Hulk it is no longer available and I cannot excuse now paying eBay prices. A shame but I know in my heart I have dodged a bullet on that one.
Not sure if I will bother setting targets for next year as I need to buy some new minis for my Undead Mordheim Warband for our new campaign and I REALLY want a Giant for my Ogre WHF army (more on that later). Might be more of a case of concentrating on finishing off forces rather then hitting targets.
This year I have cut deep into the grey shame and truth be told I do not miss any of the miniatures that have moved to better homes via eBay so it could be a big selling year especially if the painting really slows down.
Do not think I will be doing a year in review thing as I'm back to work Tuesday and have completely ignored any paperwork over the holidays.

Want to wish everyone a prosperous new year.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

What every zombie should fear . . . . . .

 . . . . a stunt dog with a shotgun!!

Played Dead of Winter yesterday with the lads at the Creative Biscuit.

Got to be honest it's a cracking game combining combat, resource management and double crossing (my favourate bit).

Somehow I ended up with 'Sparky' the stunt dog armed with a shotgun defending the compound against a horde of zombie!!

Happy new year one and all!

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Peace on Earth and good will to all men . . . . But NOT Rats . . . .Definitely NOT Rats!!

Christmas Eve Lano hosted a WHF 1850pts 'Seasons beatings', bring and bash in his garage . . . . With drinks and nibbles . . . .all very civil.

I set up opposite Phil and his new Skaven army.

Got to be honest with Jiri returning to his homeland and Russel MIA I did not expect to see Skaven again.

I finish setting up first and win initiative.

First thing I do is line up my cannons in the Skaven Stone thrower . . . . . .  

Friday, 23 December 2016

Saga battle report. "Who the bloody 'ell threw that?"

This Thursday Macca and I locked horns over a game of SAGA.

Problem was we had only played once (maybe twice?) this year so the game was not played at what I would call break neck speed!

Thankfully the rule book is a lot slimmer then others out there or we would never have got finished.

The field is set with an orchard on the left, ruined church in the centre and a farmstead on the right . . . . and then I remembered about the bloody 'Sons of Dana'!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

So have you ever wanted to punch a Warhammer TV bloke in the Face? . . . . Because it turns out I have!!!!!!

As regular readers of this blog know (all three of you), I used to compete in Martial Arts at quite a high level.

For some reason Britian was a hot bed of Stick Fighting talent and I would regularly have to fight TWO World champions in order to win a domestic title!

After a couple of years of this I decided to stop the heavy lifting and drop down a weight category. . . . and I cleaned up. . . . like dominated. . . . . .

. . . . . and then one year a young bloke from Nottingham called Rob Symes walked in the door and caused me an absolute nightmare!!!!

That was pretty much the end of me winning any more domestic titles!

Thats Rob on the left and me on the right.
I did get my own back when Rob started fighting in the minimal rules stuff as he was an expectional stand up fighter but I had a stronger ground game. If I could grab hold of the fella he was in deep water and I was a shark!

I fondly remember several top scraps with the bloke.

And then two days ago I saw the video above and thought the bloke looked familiar and yep it's the same Rob Symes I fondly remember punching in the face!

Just to state the obvious this is not a trolling post as I have always considered Rob a top, TOP bloke and an excellent Martial Artist. It also turns out he is an exceptional Warhammer player who now works for Warhammer TV.

Small world!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Warhammer Fantasy. Coming full circle.

Last Sunday I finally got some down time so run out the door and over to Lano's for a game of little soldiers. Lee and Damon also rocked up so Lee and I decided to lock horns.

No fancy scenarios, just 1850 points of smash mouth Warhammer.

And it will be smash mouth as Lee is fielding Khorne and I have brought a cavalry heavy Empire force!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Shortshank redemption pt.16. The rampage of Ale-Axe-Ander!

"Peek a boo!"

Keel Grymm did not know what disconcerted him more; the horrifically scarred form of Ale Axe Ander and his rising blood lust or the drooling, one armed monstrosity that the once proud 'Nailz' had now become. 

If they wanted to admit it or not the result was the same. The extended time thay had spent in this cursed city had had an irredeemable effect on them. Regardless how much Wyrdstone and riches they finally fled this hell hole with they would never be welcomed back by their clan. The taint of this city now run too deep in their veins!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Warhammer Fantasy House, card model kit WIP

I have the poops today so had to have the day off work.

The toilets are too far away from my class room to risk it ;0).

With some down time I delved into my cupboard of grey shame and dug this out of the pile . . . . .

Picked it up on eBay a couple off weeks ago for less then £6 and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to crack it open.

Did not like the look of the card strips that come with the original kit so peeled them off and stuck on some tiles I had from an old 'Del Prado' 'make your own medieval thingy kit'.

I also delved into a pile of building bits I have been winning cheap on eBay with some cheeky bids and decided to add some to the mix.

Personally I think it looks miles better and the added weight gives it more purchase to the table.

Hopefully I will find some time to give the tiles a quick dry brush before a planned game of Mordheim on Friday to finish it off.

Not sure if I should go with red tiles or bluey / grey slate tiles?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Garden of Morr.

Internet has been out for the last week. Finally back on line so just a quick one as a sign of life.

Painted up some bits from the Garden of Morr set my brother got me for my birthday.

Used the paint scheme suggested by Rob Hawkings.

I also added red roofs to add some colour and added some brass fittings to add some variety.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


BloodBowl and Space Hulk both being released before Christmas!

Damn I hope my kids are not expecting any presents this Christmas!!

Or maybe I can convince the Wife she really wants miniatures for Christmas.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Zealots and scratch builds

Actually had some hobby time this weekend which is the first time in what feels like bloody ages.

I did want to finish some thing in one sitting so pulled out this Heresy (I think) miniature from my brothers lead pile. This is a candidate for a future Witch hunter warband.

It is a simply lovely sculpt and was a pleasure to paint.

It was so nice I did not even feel the need to paint eyes on the figure and thats saying something for me!

That is a nice thing to say as my brother seems to have a knack of finding minitures which are absolute pigs to paint. Even when he finds a good sculpt (like his Scibor stuff) he asks for outrageously difficult paint jobs!!

This time I did not even bother to ask him what he wanted and just gave the figure a brown primer and then went from there.

Personally I think the brown / Menoth white combo is a winner!

In other news I also painted up a scratch build I made earlier in the year.

Made completely from scratch.

The stone effect is via some textured wall paper I found for cheap in a hardware store that was going out of business.

The tiles are made from cereal packaging I spent FAR too long cutting up and glueing on!

The ironwork on the corners is just more cereal card with pins pushed into it the make the rivets.

The window leading is made from the things you put between tiles when grouting.

The chimney is just some card tubing that happened to fit inside another piece of card tubing.

The wood details are from a set of doll house stuff I picked up super cheap at a toy auction.

Looks half decent (considering it cost me pennys to make) once it got a coat of paint. 

I will probably add some tuffs of grass to the back and side to break up the stone work and might print out some Mordheim themed posters to stick on the sides but for now I am calling it done.

I was feeling really pleased with myself until I put it up against a miniature and realised I had made it far too big!

To try to counter this I placed some 28mm scale barrels etc on it to hopefully make it look more appropriate if it is seen in the background of photos.

Trouble is I made two of these at the same time so the other house is probably just as oversized as this one.

Hopefully I can just hide them on the outskirts of the board behind other buildings.

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 170 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 30 (damn you BOYL!!)
I had time to have a proper recount and wished I never bothered!

483 miniatures to go!

140 in the black this year

Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Sons of Ulric; Regiments of Renown

It was always going to happen really . . . . . .

After watching these videos and buying the rule books it was inevitable . . . . .

I was going to build a Regiment of Renown warband . . . . .

They are an amalgamation of these blokes . . . . .

from the 'Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire' and these . . . . . . .

Which is a book I picked up for pennies while buying one of the army books on eBay.

I have to pick a winter painting project as the early nights play havoc with my partial colour blindness. Last year in was these blokes . . . . 

This year because of this tutorial and something I have planned for next year I want to concentrate on making and painting terrain over the winter.

Forward you Sons of Ulric!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

So are Revell getting into Gorkamorka?

Found this image while doing a search for Gorka Morka trukks. . . . . .

What's really strange is that is lead me to the official European Revell Website


Which leads to their 'Warhammer Build and Paint' section of their website??????