Thursday, 17 November 2016

Journey into the hearts of darkness. A return to Warmachine.

So Lano finally got his wish and got me playing Warmachine again!!!!!!

Thankfully it was against Tim at the Creative Biscuit and his Khador army.

35 point of Mk3 goodness
 Turn one and everyone legs it into the middle.

 The Men of War bunker down in the trenches.

Do I make the charge?

 Fuck it! Why not!

Steelheads make the charge and actually get first blood.

My Mule (just) makes the critical and sends the Khador Jack flying back into the Widow makers!

I fluff my lines with my Nomad and takes a real kicking.

My second Mule gets a bead on the Butcher and REALLY hits!

Shame the damage roll was not so high!

Butcher gets plugged by Eiryss and loses his focus for next turn.

Figuring she is safe for the next turn now I charge Ashlynn in and whale away!

True to form she tears lumps off the Jacks.

Gorman slides in and has to 'black oil' the Men of war as the Butcher is just out.

Ashlynn then wrecks the Jacks.

Once again the Mule has a bead on the Butcher and sends him for a flying lesson.

With the dominance of the central zone the Butcher has to take another seven damage and thats game!

I really like the new rule set and it makes the game a lot more free flowing and dynamic. The game is still a prick and will punish you for the slightest mistake but that's just Warmachine. . . . It is what it is!

P.S. My brain just cannot process 2D terrain!!!!!


  1. It certainly looks impressive, cracking report.

    1. Thanks man.

      It's a bit one sided because I had no idea what was happening half the time with my own stuff let alone Tim's.

  2. Yes Mike One of us one of us!! I must say as a khador player its great to have a load of warjacks on the table and yes you can get punished hard...

    1. Yes I am back in the fold!

      It was strange playing Ashlynn and having focus to spare after upkeeping two spells . . . . very strange.


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