Monday, 29 October 2018

A (slight) return.

With the new house at the end of phase two (i.e. we actually have a liveable space), and my (sort of) having a handle on my new job I hope to be able to blog at least every couple of weeks until Riotville is built (but more on that later).

Truth be told there has been very little going on, on the hobby front but here is a little update. . . . . .

First I had a cracking four way game of Scythe in August

This saw 2Key walk away the winner!

The game last month saw Lano stomp us all into the ground after a race to lay the sixth star!

Everyone at the Biscuit are revving themselves up for the new Privateer press 'Monaterapoloclype' game so that might be flavour of the month next meet.

Last week the foundations were laid for Riotville IRL!!

Yep that's a cement mixer on our drive!

Unfortunately the foundations are no where near as big as you think it will be from the size of the truck but the kids thought it was cool (not too sure about the neighbours).

But Riotville is slowly taking shape ;0)

This Sunday Lee and I met up at IWG to throw down with some Shadespire (the original)

Game one saw me walk away the winner 10 to 3.

Game two was a brutal affair with Lee Orking up and laying waste!!

This saw Lee take the game 8 glory to 4!

With the game tied we set up for the decider.

This saw Lee charging forward to smash lumps out of my Skellies before . . . . .

Running off!!

Look at all those Orks soooooo far away.

This most brutal but cunning tactic saw the Orks become the run away winners 11 to 3!!!!!

After all the crap with the house I decided I needed a care package. . . . .

And you ask your self . . . . .

Well it's this


Little plastic soldiers!!!!!!

Not sure when they will ever get painted but I just wanted something new and shiny!!


  1. Well, it all looks like good news! But now you have some work ahead! :D

    1. I still need to have 'Riotville' built ;0)

  2. Very cool! Looking like it's starting to come together, good stuff man!

  3. Good to see things are going alright with ya mate and that's some nice gaming and a lot to get painting! So.... get painting? :)

    1. No painting yet man. I still need to build a paint station :0(

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