Monday, 5 November 2018


Sunday I managed to get over to Lano's where he had set up some taster games of Privateer Press' new (re) release Monsterpocalypse.

Lee sets up as the 'Planet Eaters' . . . . basically Tryranids.

I take the helm of the G.U.A.R.D. faction . . . . . basically Voltron!

First the soundtrack I was singing all game

In my turn my flyers swoop forward  . . . .

Then 'Voltron' rocket boosts ahead . . . .

Where he gets dropped kicked by Lee's Gorghadra . . . . . .

across the plaza into a burning building!!

As that looks like so much fun I power up and do the same to Lee . . . . .

Realising I need to use certain map tiles and occupy buildings to 'power up', I call up reinforcements . . . .

Before slinging Gorghadra about a bit more!

Due to damage the Gorghadra 'Hulks up' and becomes even harder to hit . . This will cause me all kinds of headaches in the upcoming turns.

Lee's forces also start to occupy more and more building and I am really on the back foot!

With my back against the wall I go for an all of nothing move and attempt to supplex the Gorghadra into the burning building behind me.

If I fail I will have used up all my 'power dice' and be completely at Lee's mercy . . . .

Thankfully I roll JUST enough and the Tyranids are banished once again.

So all in all a fun little game. There is tactical nuance to it and the resource element of the dice adds something new to the games I play.

MIGHT invest in a starter set as our whatsapp grup have gone nuts on this and I think it will be flavour of the month for at least a little while


  1. I played the 1st Ed of this and it was okay. Wonder what they changed up?

    Nice looking paint jobs.

    1. I honestly have no idea what the changes are.

      All credit for the paint jobs goes to Lano

  2. Nice to see you back Riot, looks like an interesting game. Hope the move went well :-)

    1. The move has had it's up's and downs but I finally feel we are winning.


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