Monday, 12 November 2018

Shadespire. Ironskull Vs the Warden.

This last Sunday Lee and I met up at IWG to smash Skulls (literally) via Shadespire.

After my dubbing last week I had spent long hours brooding over my library of cards and working on a killer deck.

Round 1 saw a conventional set up for the boards and the Orks charging forward with reckless abandon!

No one was more surprised then me when the Champion weathered this storm of bad intentions!

This grants the rest of my warband the breathing space they needed (pun intended) to secure the objectives on their side of the board and power up in the end phase.

Now powered up on 'Shadeglass swords' and 'Daemonic Weapons' the lowly petitioners take the fight to the Orks.

The Orks are decimated in the counter attack and only 'Bone Kutter' survives the fury of the Undead . . . . .

Desperate to turn the tide an inspired 'Bone Kutter' charges the Warden. Thanks to being tanked up on additional wounds the Warden steps forward and  . . . . . 

Skewers the Ork and claims the board for the undead!

This massacre sees we win 15 glory to 2.

Game two sees me win the roll to place the boards and I decide to try an elongated set up.

Desperate to earn the gaze of Mork (or Gork) Lee's leader Gurzag bounds forward and crushes my Champion!

Through a clever combo of cards Lee uses this slaughter to power an additional charge forward.

Unfortunately for Lee my Warden resurrects the Champion and he comes charging into the flank of Gurzag. This combined with a additional attack from the Petitioner thanks to a ploy card sees the major threat which is the Ork leader dispatched early in the game.

Inspired by their Leaders example the rest of the Orks follow suit but I have learnt to 'double down' with my more powerful figures and the Orks are mobbed stomped as they enter my half of the board.

With the majority of the objectives sitting in Lee's half of the board and Lee unable to unleash the fury of the Orks this game has been a very low scoring game so far. . . .

With the ending of the third turn Lee hits me with 'contained' to take the lead. . . . Thankfully I counter with the same card and manage to pip him to the post!

I take the second game 6 glory to 5.

Despite having a two - nil lead Lee and I decide to play out the final round.

Once again the Orks surge forward to get to grips with my Undead.

Despite my early losses I retain enough of a force to focus down on single Orks.

With the game in the bag I even decide to unleash the Warden!

This leaves only 'Basher' left for the Orks and I use the respite to resurrect my lost forces.

'Basher' stands defiantly upon his objective and roars his challenge!

 With the previous combat stirring memories of past glories in the Warden's mind he strides forward and spit's the last Ork as an offering to Nagash!

Despite the slow start this sees me take the final game 10 glory to 3!

Can't wait to get the 'Riotville IRL' properly sorted so I can finally crack open the 'Nightvault'.


  1. I keep meaning to try Shadespire out. It looks fun!

    1. Got to be honest I think it's the best game GW have produced in years.


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