Monday, 19 November 2018

Shadespire; Steelheart Vs the Warden

With Lano once again off smashing faces in a Warmachine tournament Lee and I met up at IWG to throw down via Shadespire.

I had told Lee via text I would bring my Skellies, Lee replied he would be bringing 'the panzers of the 78th Strurm division' in a lot of ways he was not lying!

Imagine my surprise when Lee pulls out a deck of cards with the Stormcast symbols on the back.

The board is set.

I decide to set the boards with a choke point to stifle Lee's advance.

In the early turns I even make an assassination run on Obryn the Bold.

I find I have really hamstrung myself  when I am unable to mount any kind of offence due to the distances involved.

As my Skellies stumble forward they are smashed to pieces by the counter charge of the Stormcasts!

Lee then ensures he is in my territory in the end game to stop me scoring several potential objectives.

This sees Lee smash me 10 glory to 6.

Game two sees Angarad surge forward into Skellie territory and my Skellies unable to kill her.

Then surge forward again. . . .

And again!

The Warden is finally able to bring an end to this insurrection.

This game sees Lee and I draw in 9 glory each.

The boards are reset and I need the win to at least draw the series.

Despite winning the roll I let Lee set the boards so I get to place the most objectives.

This allows me to win 'supremacy' and several other objectives to take the early lead and tank up my big hitters.

This allows me to weather the Stormcast counter charge in turn two.

Thankfully a lack of fatalities on my side means I retain enough of a force to stop the Stormcasts in 'no-mans land'.

A swirling melee erupts in the centre with neither side able to break the dead lock.

The turning point of the game is when the Warden manages to 'crit' save an assassination run by a tanked up Obryn!

Even Severn is unable to end the Warden's reign of terror.

Desperate to escape this ambush the Warden charges Angarad to score 'skills unforgotten' on a weakened Angarad.

Unfortunately this attack is unsuccessful and all three Stormcasts are still standing at the end of the game.

Despite this I manage to take the final game 11 glory to 5.

This sees Lee and I drawing the series and we shake hands on a hard fought draw. I'm sure there is a way in Shadespire to work out a winner in this instance but Lee and I were more then willing to call the draw.

A cracking series of games of Shadespire. There were several times where the better knowledge of my decks saw me successfully burning cards to draw more pertinent hands due to my knowledge of what I had left in the pack. This was how I was able to draw the second game.

I do love this game!


  1. In the second game, were you also tied on how many Models from each Band were standing on Objectives at the end? That's the tie-breaker for each individual Game that ends up tied on Glory.

    It's not official, but the local events resolve ties for the whole Match by whoever has the highest total Glory over all three Games added together, which would just squeak out the win for you.

    And yes, knowing your deck is very important. I'm trying out a couple of new Bands right now, and it's so much more awkward than playing the ones where I know the deck inside and out, because I don't know as well what I have waiting further in my deck.

    1. We figured there was a way to decide the draw but decided we were both happy with the draw.
      Knowing my deck was what got me the draw in game two. I only had one more card in my objective deck and I knew it was 'denial'. I guess your right. It pays to know your deck.

    2. There's nothing wrong with a good hard-fought draw. It mostly only matters for Tournaments and Leagues, where draws can complicate the matchups for the next round.

  2. Smashing read Riot, still not painted or played my copy of Shadespire, bad bad man :-)

  3. Good stuff mate. All the better for well painted minis.

    I too have yet to paint my core set and still have only played a single intro game. For some reason it just didn't grab me.

    1. It's not everyone's cup of tea man.

      Hope the move is going as well as can be expected.


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