Saturday, 28 February 2015

Mordheim. Game 7. The enemy of my enemy is ..... well Neil!

"PARLEY!", the booming voice of the Witch Finder resonated through the ruined hall of the Great Library....."PARLEY!", its authority bringing the swirling melee to a sudden halt.

'Bob' pulled Eric to his feet and watched as Eric rested his head against the barricaded door to stop the room spinning. "Go on" Eric said in his young voice "Eh....... I mean GO ON!" he repeated mimicking the former Lord Crashhart.

"Taxi !!!!!"

"Crashhart I've heard your nothing but bluster and a thrusting cod piece, BUT even a fool like you must recognise the threat of the approaching undead. Further bloodshed will only weaken our bands further for the approaching scavengers!"

Eric took a deep breath and was thankful the door blocked anyone seeing his hands shaking so badly he could barely keep hold of his sword "So what do you propose, Lord Witchfinder?".

Both Warbands awaited Shannow's response with bated breath. . . . .

The calm before the storm?

See! Told you I was an Ogre!

Took the kids to the Aquarium last week. Just uploaded this photo....

If your struggling. I am the one on the right!
Talk about seperated at birth!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mordheim Ogre. Arnold Leggenbreaker. WHF

Having decided I needed more muscle for my Warband I reached for an unopened box of WHF Ogres I bought in the Miniature Empire closing down sale.

Bit later I ended up with this....

I have always had a desire to add a load of Ogres to the 1st Lustrian as an allied attachment. The idea is they are a pirate crew preying on coastal and river trade not displaying the personal seal of General Custoras.

While painting this fella the 5 year old walked in with a silly grin on his face and asked "Daddy why are you painting yourself?"

Ugly face, facial hair, pot belly, gruff demeanor, likes smashing stuff, aggressive attitude and loves eating. Yep I pretty much tick the lot so I guess I'm an ogre, and that got me thinking..... Is it time to start painting tattoos?

The answer was yep!

This is supposed to be a Tribal Spider

A photo from my (happy) fighting days

note the spider tattoo

This is supposed to be a celtic Dragon

the dragon is on the left arm
One more down. 381 to go!

P.S. Don't believe what teachers say. Fighting solves EVERYTHING!

Next meeting of the Armoury 28mm wargaming club will be 19th of March @ the Creative Biscuit, South Woodford

Just wanted to announce that Tim at "The Creative Biscuit" will now be hosting a Wargaming night each month at his shop.

The Shop address is;

Creative Biscuit Ceramics Cafe
61 George Lane, 
South Woodford, 
E18 1JJ
Next meeting will be the 19th of March at 7pm.
Hope to see you there
Shop website with map is HERE 
If you want to know future dates and what we plan to be playing please check out the Armoury forum HERE

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Dread Lord Crashhart. The Forsaken's new leader

With the death of Lord Crashhart on Thursday I had some thinking to do...... Do I chop up Crashhart to make him look more like Eric or do I go for a new figure to add to the painting tally for the year?

I quick check on ebay shows the miniature I have for Lord Crashhart goes for between £10 to £20.

Well that answers that question, I'm not chopping him up, so a new figure it will be!

This is what I come up with

The inspiration for this one is "The Dread pirate Roberts" from The princess bride book (and film).

I figure I will go with Eric taking on the persona of Crashhart much like Wesley did in the Princess bride.

It's only a quick kit bash and my first green stuff sculpting in a LONG time so it looks a bit rough but with the speed my warband are dying I do not expect to be using him for long!

Even with that being the case I am surprised how much like the "Dread pirate" he looks when I compared the two pictures.

Even up close I have not done too awful a job and a decent paint job should cover up any roughness.

Even had a go at green stuffing on some hair.

The way things are going I will have my Empire Militia detatchment painted up in no time, OR run out of miniatures as there were only 20 in the box!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Mordheim game 6. "Norf of the river at this time of night? Are you mad?"

This Thursday at the Creative biscuit Macca and I set out our small warbands to contest the Wyrd stone find at the North River gate. I won the roll and decided to play Scenario 1; Defend the find. Macca had the smaller warband and  set himself up within the central cottage and I set up my Forsaken in the South West corner.

I had decided to split my Warband into 3 kill teams. I figured Macca would stay shut up tight in the central cottage allowing my to station my Markmen in the upper floor of the over looking cottage while my other two teams would skirt round both flanks of the cottage to charge in and finish off any Rotters which survived the barrage of arrows.

Full house at the Creative Biscuit, South Woodford, for the Armoury 28mm Wargaming club

Just a quick post to thank Tim at the Creative Biscuit, South Woodford for letting his shop be used by the reprobates which are the Armoury 28mm Gaming club.

We all had a great time and thank Tim for his hospitality!

We had 15 point, Warmahordes action!

We had Mordheim!

and 1000 point WHF action!

Who knows when the next session will bring.

Please check our forum for upcoming dates and games.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dungeon questing AKA trying to find Dark Sphere gaming store, London

So with all (?) the painting at the moment I was forced to enter the belly of the beast........ Dark Sphere gaming store to buy some more paints.

At first I had a squeaky bum moment when I walked up to the original shop on York Road and saw this.......

"Hang on there is no 28mm Disney table top games.... something is up!"

Thankfully there was a note on the door explaining they had moved to new premises a 10 minute walk away.

The following dungeon quest is the honest to goodness directions (the sarky directions are mine) they gave;

Saga Normans and Foundry paint system Chestnut 53a, 53b, 53c

Its been a productive day today with another two figures finished.

"Tolkien hates us, we don't care!"

These two were a bit of a surprise to me as well, but I had ordered some Foundry Chestnut paint which arrived yesterday and I was eager to test it out.

I was not brave enough to have a go at some Steelhead cavalry so had a dig into my Saga carry case where I have 6 points of matt black Normans waiting for their day in the sun (well my painting table).

These two made the first pick.

I think the figures are "Hammer of the Gods" Normans. Cheap as chips and cracking figures for what they are!

The Foundry paint has nice consistency and covers the surface well, but it will need at least two coats over a black primer.

You have the option of buying all three paints (Shade, base and light) for a discount and would fully recommend it as you slap on the Shade, then paint the mid tones in the base colour (whichs covers the base well and does not offer too shape a contrast with the shade so blending is not a problem. Finally you pick out the raised areas for the 'light' shade paint. Even Dry brushing seems fine despite the runnier consistency of the paint.

Lovely stuff from start to finish!

Two more down. 382 to go!

"Bob" New Forsaken Young blood for Mordheim Warband

Finally managed to finish up my young blood  "Bob" today for my Mordheim Warband.

"Yes it's short for Kate!"
This is the best angle for it as it a WHF Empire body with a chunk hacked out and then a hacked up Reaper barmaid figure wedged in. The gaps were (poorly) filled in with green stuff.

From this angle you can see the disproportionate nature of the conversion.

It was a bit disconcerting looking through the legs of the Empire militia to see "which one has the nicest legs!".

"Bob" is a youngblood (15Gc) armed with Dagger (free) and Mace (3gc).

"Bob" is a strangly feminine looking "Boy" who appeared at the Tavern looking for work to support her father. Crashhart felt strangely aroused the moment he laid eyes on "Bob" and is causing him sleepless nights. 

Eventually, after being prescribed a course of leeches by a doctor (don't ask where he had to put them!), Crashhart becomes increasingly concerned about the attraction he feels for the boy and then attempts to throw Bob out, he then learns the truth (after Kate opens her doublet in front of him). 

Basically she will be a rip off of "Bob" from the original Blackadder series.

One more down. 384 to go! 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Italeri WW2 Coastal Defence Bunker terrain piece

Was desperate to paint and the light is kack so I had a dig through my hobby pile and pulled out this......

and less then six quid. Are you kidding me!

I picked it up during the closing down sale of Model zone last year.

It cost me £5.59 at the time and it was too good a deal to pass up.

From that point it had sat it a box gathering dust.


It was just a case of undercoat black and then successive dry brushes of grey and finally white (with a REALLY big brush out of the kids craft box). Then a bit of greenery to hide any large gaps and Bobs your uncle!

Easy as pie to paint and really happy with the results.

As you can see from the photos, even at 1:72 scale it is not overly large and does the job fine for 28mm.

Not sure if this counts towards my miniature count?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

"Cairo" Richardson. The Forsaken's new sword master

Introducing "Cairo" Richardson, the new sword master of the forsaken.

"Cairo" is a Swordsman (35 GC's), with double swords (20GCs).

I also discovered what love is today!

Letting your 5 year old drybrush the base of your finished miniature! 

I know its looking through a fathers eyes but personally I think he did a brilliant job.

Yep the base was painted by a 5 year old!

The double swords gives him the option to reroll BOTH attacks on the charge due to the innate skill of "Sword master" and the chance to reroll any failed parries due to the double sword combo.

"Cairo" was traveling to Altdorf as part of a trading expedition from Araby who were massacred on the Imperial / Bretonian border.

Having slowly learnt the Imperial tongue he has drifted towards Mordheim where he has heard the skills of a Swordsman is more important then his skin colour!

Unfortunately it turned out this was NOT the case and he was forced to join the Forsaken as they were the only War band more desperate then they were prejudiced.

"Cairo" is based on one of my favourate childhood movie moments. Namely this ......... 

Apparently there was a whole fight scene worked out between "Cairo" (the sword wielding Arab) and Indy but Harrison ford was suffering from dysentery and could not keep his trousers on for more then ten minutes at a time so they just decided to shoot the poor stuntman.

I have kit bashed the miniature very much as a homage to Terry Richardson (the original stuntman) and will try to go back and kit the guy out with a turban if I upgrade him with a helmet.

I also figured the same thing will happen when he goes up against Neil's Witchfinder!

I was going to buy in an Arab swordsman figure but NO NEW MINIATURES!!!!!

One more down. 385 to go!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mordheim Map. A City divided.

So here is the Mordheim campaign map as it currently stands.

Neil is really making a tear through Mordheim towards the Temple of Sigmar. Which warband dare bar his way?

Currently we are banned from the West side of the river.

Mordheim Games 4 and 5. The wrath of Sigmar

The Hidden Thirteen

A journey through the dark; Old memories

Culwych could feel the sweat dripping under his chainmail armour as he struggled to keep up with the others ahead of him. He was the first to admit that his body wasn’t built for running, with his upper body being far too large and somewhat plump whilst being forced to balance a top of two bowed gangly legs more suitable for lifting than that of running. Culwych’s back also ached with the constant grinding of Wychesplitter against his back where the two handed hammer was kept when not in use. He hoped that the others would stop soon and seek a camp amongst the ruins of the old Merchant Quarter however until that time he would have to carry on which was something that Culwych dreaded. “Sigmar’s balls” he muttered to himself as the prospect of stopping slid elusively by as the warband reached the end of the darkened battered street and turned north onto a new road.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mordhiem games 4 and 5. Like ships in the night.

All week I have been plotting....... Lano is down to 4 warriors after the carnage of the pits!

All week I have been devising how to stop the little sod disappearing off the back table edge after losing his first 25%.

Even the Gods of Mordheim seem to give their blessing as both Denny and Macca had to cancel due to prior commitments........... the smiling assassin was mine.... all mine................. and then......................


At least the ensuing battles resulted in a special Edition of the Mordheim Cryer!

Mordheim. Game 3. Its the Pits!

While the carnage of the battle of the Southern Gatehouse was taking place, across town another vicious battle was taking place, The Battle of the Pits!

This account is written by Neil and I thought it was class so I have blogged it here.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Mordheim, Game 3. NONE .... er sorry.... SOME SHALL PASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Read on to find out how the ingenius Lord Crashhart finally managed to squeak out a win.....sorry I mean decimate the scum bag rotters of the undead!

Grim Ironjaw. three birds, one stone

A psychopathic Nutcase, with a death wish .... Perfect!

"Where is he?" Red asked as he walked into the dilapidated Roadhouse.

The Inn keeper just grunted and jerked his head towards the snoring, mass of orange hair in the corner.

As Red approached the dank corner the smell of booze, stale sweat, pig grease and troll was almost overpowering.

They had all agreed.......

Only a psychopathic, nutcase, with a death wish would ever want to join their band after word got out of their first two debacles into Mordheim!

And then it struck them..... a Troll slayer!

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