Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dungeon questing AKA trying to find Dark Sphere gaming store, London

So with all (?) the painting at the moment I was forced to enter the belly of the beast........ Dark Sphere gaming store to buy some more paints.

At first I had a squeaky bum moment when I walked up to the original shop on York Road and saw this.......

"Hang on there is no 28mm Disney table top games.... something is up!"

Thankfully there was a note on the door explaining they had moved to new premises a 10 minute walk away.

The following dungeon quest is the honest to goodness directions (the sarky directions are mine) they gave;

First pass the monument to the fallen,

Then out exit 6,

Across the Dwarven bridge of institution grey

Down the stairs of Kazard Doom

Pass the "Eye of terror" (if you have vertigo)

Pass the abandoned shine of 28mm

Left at the tower of academics

into the scary looking painted tunnel of DOOM!

Actually I have to be honest some of the graffiti was really good!

Exit the painted tunnel at the "Lower marsh", beware the hawkers of "the precious things!

 Turn right when exiting the painted tunnel and head towards the end of the "lower marsh", once there look across for the hidden entrance to the tunnel of Heaven and Hell (see below)!

Now things get really strange as you must endure the staring eyes of the moasics of WTF!!!!!

This is the first one you see as you enter the tunnel! Once again WTF!

and then it gets really strange....... BEWARE THE STARING EYES!!!!!!!

 Turn left at some point

And exit the tunnel of Heaven and Hell at the street of the Centaurs.... no really Centaur street!

Turn right and head towards the giant Pineapple

I could use a drink about now!

past the garden of Eden

And then finally at cavern 186 of the street of Hercules (Hercules street) I find..........................

OH BOLLORKS !!!!!!!!

Turns out I was 10 minutes early as the place opens at 11am.

But when the doors finally did open I went from hot sweats to cold sweats!


I really am in the belly of the beast!

Thankfully the paints are right by the exit so I do not have to go too near the resin of temptation!

Despite all my sarky comments its a top place with nice staff so fully recommend giving the place your full support. AND it gives a 20% discount on GW stuff and has lots of tables for gaming your welcome to use.

All in all a top place.


  1. very good sir. A different and much more entertaining way to get there than I took. I also went for paint, but somehow came away £170 lighter! I'm not allowed there on my own now :-(
    Plus I also forgot the paint I went for, bollorks!

    1. forgot the paints?
      Any excuse to go back eh?


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