Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mordheim Ogre. Arnold Leggenbreaker. WHF

Having decided I needed more muscle for my Warband I reached for an unopened box of WHF Ogres I bought in the Miniature Empire closing down sale.

Bit later I ended up with this....

I have always had a desire to add a load of Ogres to the 1st Lustrian as an allied attachment. The idea is they are a pirate crew preying on coastal and river trade not displaying the personal seal of General Custoras.

While painting this fella the 5 year old walked in with a silly grin on his face and asked "Daddy why are you painting yourself?"

Ugly face, facial hair, pot belly, gruff demeanor, likes smashing stuff, aggressive attitude and loves eating. Yep I pretty much tick the lot so I guess I'm an ogre, and that got me thinking..... Is it time to start painting tattoos?

The answer was yep!

This is supposed to be a Tribal Spider

A photo from my (happy) fighting days

note the spider tattoo

This is supposed to be a celtic Dragon

the dragon is on the left arm
One more down. 381 to go!

P.S. Don't believe what teachers say. Fighting solves EVERYTHING!

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