Tuesday, 17 February 2015

"Bob" New Forsaken Young blood for Mordheim Warband

Finally managed to finish up my young blood  "Bob" today for my Mordheim Warband.

"Yes it's short for Kate!"
This is the best angle for it as it a WHF Empire body with a chunk hacked out and then a hacked up Reaper barmaid figure wedged in. The gaps were (poorly) filled in with green stuff.

From this angle you can see the disproportionate nature of the conversion.

It was a bit disconcerting looking through the legs of the Empire militia to see "which one has the nicest legs!".

"Bob" is a youngblood (15Gc) armed with Dagger (free) and Mace (3gc).

"Bob" is a strangly feminine looking "Boy" who appeared at the Tavern looking for work to support her father. Crashhart felt strangely aroused the moment he laid eyes on "Bob" and is causing him sleepless nights. 

Eventually, after being prescribed a course of leeches by a doctor (don't ask where he had to put them!), Crashhart becomes increasingly concerned about the attraction he feels for the boy and then attempts to throw Bob out, he then learns the truth (after Kate opens her doublet in front of him). 

Basically she will be a rip off of "Bob" from the original Blackadder series.

One more down. 384 to go! 

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