Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Saga Normans and Foundry paint system Chestnut 53a, 53b, 53c

Its been a productive day today with another two figures finished.

"Tolkien hates us, we don't care!"

These two were a bit of a surprise to me as well, but I had ordered some Foundry Chestnut paint which arrived yesterday and I was eager to test it out.

I was not brave enough to have a go at some Steelhead cavalry so had a dig into my Saga carry case where I have 6 points of matt black Normans waiting for their day in the sun (well my painting table).

These two made the first pick.

I think the figures are "Hammer of the Gods" Normans. Cheap as chips and cracking figures for what they are!

The Foundry paint has nice consistency and covers the surface well, but it will need at least two coats over a black primer.

You have the option of buying all three paints (Shade, base and light) for a discount and would fully recommend it as you slap on the Shade, then paint the mid tones in the base colour (whichs covers the base well and does not offer too shape a contrast with the shade so blending is not a problem. Finally you pick out the raised areas for the 'light' shade paint. Even Dry brushing seems fine despite the runnier consistency of the paint.

Lovely stuff from start to finish!

Two more down. 382 to go!

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