Saturday, 14 February 2015

"Cairo" Richardson. The Forsaken's new sword master

Introducing "Cairo" Richardson, the new sword master of the forsaken.

"Cairo" is a Swordsman (35 GC's), with double swords (20GCs).

I also discovered what love is today!

Letting your 5 year old drybrush the base of your finished miniature! 

I know its looking through a fathers eyes but personally I think he did a brilliant job.

Yep the base was painted by a 5 year old!

The double swords gives him the option to reroll BOTH attacks on the charge due to the innate skill of "Sword master" and the chance to reroll any failed parries due to the double sword combo.

"Cairo" was traveling to Altdorf as part of a trading expedition from Araby who were massacred on the Imperial / Bretonian border.

Having slowly learnt the Imperial tongue he has drifted towards Mordheim where he has heard the skills of a Swordsman is more important then his skin colour!

Unfortunately it turned out this was NOT the case and he was forced to join the Forsaken as they were the only War band more desperate then they were prejudiced.

"Cairo" is based on one of my favourate childhood movie moments. Namely this ......... 

Apparently there was a whole fight scene worked out between "Cairo" (the sword wielding Arab) and Indy but Harrison ford was suffering from dysentery and could not keep his trousers on for more then ten minutes at a time so they just decided to shoot the poor stuntman.

I have kit bashed the miniature very much as a homage to Terry Richardson (the original stuntman) and will try to go back and kit the guy out with a turban if I upgrade him with a helmet.

I also figured the same thing will happen when he goes up against Neil's Witchfinder!

I was going to buy in an Arab swordsman figure but NO NEW MINIATURES!!!!!

One more down. 385 to go!

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  1. Great job, I love it when my kids help me. They also love making scenery.

    Should your last statement not read; 'NO, NEW MINIATURES!!!'


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