Thursday, 28 May 2015

WHF Empire Pistoliers. Army painter speed painting method

With the half term I have managed to knock out another four miniatures to complete my unit of Empire Pistoliers.

As part of my 'Tale of four gamers' Empire Army I have decided to give them a back story.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WHF Empire militia / Mordheim Reikland Mercenaries Miniatures. Goodbye to the forsaken!

Some how this year I have ended up with a unit of 20 odd militia for my Empire WHF army thanks to the unexpected foray into Mordheim! I have to be honest they are of as much of a surprise to me as they are to you as I have no plans to add this unit to my army for quite a while (if at all)!

With the wrapping up of our current Mordheim campaign it only felt right to get the gang together for one last photoshoot.

I have deliberately left out Crashhart, Rags, Nathan and the original version of 'Red' as they are all attached to other elements of my WHF Empire army.

Even so, is still quite a collection. A big part of the reason was the fact I rolled horrendously during the injury phase of each endgame, usually resulting in the death of at least one of my warband (usually more!).

They are (left to right); 
Front rank: Spook (shattered leg), Jeffery Archer (Dead), Red (Alive), Grim Ironjaw (Dead), Eric / Dread Lord Crashhart (Chest wound, Toughness 2), Cairo (Alive), Crazy Bob (Alive), 
Middle rank: Archie (Dead), Arnold Leggenbreaker (Alive), Hal Bard (Dead), Shinobi Joe (Alive), Kate (Dead), Spike (Dead), 
Rear rank: Wenchman (Captured / Dead), Guapo Joe (Dead), Original Eric (Alive), Wild eyed Joe (Dead).

Monday, 25 May 2015

Lego Mordheim. Game two. The desolation of Ellis!!!!!

The Broken King stood upon the parapit of the gate house and despaired at the sight of his ruined capital before him.

The Comet had hit while he was away on crusade. Within the blink of an eye his once great capital had been destroyed. With the destruction of his seat of government, his kingdom had fragmented like a cart wheel without it's hub.

Insidious forces both within and beyond his borders had struck at his weakened state with vulpine hunger, ripping his kingdom apart.

Thankfully the first battle of the Gatehouse had been won, his toe hold on his city secured! Now onwards to the Temple of 'Sigmar is AWESOME!'

Sunday, 24 May 2015

SAGA Normans. 4 point speed painting challenge completed . . . . Sort of!

In an effort to gee each other on Macca, Lano and I set ourselves the challenge of getting 4 points of SAGA painted up for last meet of the ‘Armoury War gaming club’.

The only rule was it had to be a new warband. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Gripping Beast SAGA. The spuds of wrath!

As agreed from the speed painting challenge Macca and I set out our 4 points of newly painted warbands for a game of SAGA this Thursday.

Macca has gone for the Irish while I have gone for the hard riding Normans.

He managed to frighten the life out of me by knocking out three quarters of his warband in under a week!

First up his Warriors

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Another full house at the Creative Biscuit, South Woodford.

Once again another big thanks to Tim at the Creative Biscuit in South Woodford for hosting the Armoury Wargaming club despite having to bake over 200 cup cakes!

We had. . . .

Betrayal on the hill


and SAGA

Strangely enough no Warmahordes this time round?

Next meet is the 18th of June. Looking forward to another great night of great coffee and wargaming!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mordheim Dwarf treasure hunters. Scibor Dwarf adventures

With the painting of the first 9 of my Mordheim Dwarf treasure hunters and their initial successes I though I would post what I would now spend my first 500 gold coins on.

first up is my noble 'The Butcher'.

Love the pose of this miniature and it was a pleasure to paint. Gone with the glaring eyes to indicate he is slightly unhinged.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Mordheim. The Short shank redemption. Game four. Thunderers are GO!

"Bloody heck...... Look at the size of that Wyrdstone!" Chuck Boris exclaimed loudly as he scraped the last of the dirt away from the wyrdstone horde.

"Hush boy!" The Butcher rebuked him angrily. "The walls have ears here son!"

Thankfully the rumours of the buried horde were true, but if they had heard rumours of this find surely others had as well.

Suddenly a gun shot rung out, shattering the silence of the dusk! Its' impact splintered the fence post near Grimli's face.

Grimli glimpsed nerviously through the new hole in the fence to catch a glimpse of their assailants.

"Its those poxy Marenburgers again, but this time their tooled up with hand cannons!"

The Butcher glared around with his one good eye. "Good! It saves me the trouble of tramping round the streets of this Gods forsaken shit hole looking for them! Its a hundred gold coins bounty for every archer dropped boys!"

Sunday, 10 May 2015

28mm Snow White proxy. Chipping away at the lead mountain

With the lovely weather this weekend I have been cracking on with the painting, as well as dragging out some miniatures finished earlier this month for photographing.

First up is my Snow White Proxy for my Mordheim Dwarf treasure hunters.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bank holiday Monday painting. An all Foundry affair.

It's amazing how two different people can interpret a single concept in two very different ways!

I thought "Ah, a Bank holiday. Brill, a chance to get some miniature painting done!"

Whereas the Wife interpreted the Bank holiday as "Ah brill, a chance to get this LONG list of crap done!"

I was not impressed!

Thankfully I did get to squeeze an hour of painting in, in the gorgeous sunshine.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mordheim. The Short shank Redemption. Game three. "The Battle of the sixes!"

The mournful howl echoed through the cemetery of St Doffer. 

"Wolves?" Grub enquired. 

The Engineer Napoleon scanned the little of the horizon he could see "No son.....Worse......... Wulfen!" He replied, "and he's not alone!". 

Chuck Boris sidled up to the pair. Through laboured breaths he reported "It could be worse. Hopefully its' belly will be full of the Marenburgers I have just spotted entering through the other gate, by the time we get there. Their bloody miles away!"

"Or........ We could save ourselves the long walk and sod off back to the Pub now?" Grub ventured.

"Kiss my axe!"

Suddenly a large shadow loomed over them and the baleful gaze of their leader "The Butcher" glared down at them. "Enough of that talk boy. Forward and watch out for arrows. Those poxy Marenburgers will have someones eye out one day!"

Over head the ravens gathered.

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