Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bank holiday Monday painting. An all Foundry affair.

It's amazing how two different people can interpret a single concept in two very different ways!

I thought "Ah, a Bank holiday. Brill, a chance to get some miniature painting done!"

Whereas the Wife interpreted the Bank holiday as "Ah brill, a chance to get this LONG list of crap done!"

I was not impressed!

Thankfully I did get to squeeze an hour of painting in, in the gorgeous sunshine.
Once again I wanted to make a dent in the figures I had bought last week. I also wanted to try out the new Foundry 'dark African flesh' and 'bronze barrel' paint sets I had purchased at their stand during Salute.

The obvious solution was to combine the lot and paint this fella as a bronze armoured, African, gladiator!

As always with historical figures I found the sculpt quite naive in its simplicity.

The figure was quite old school in regards to the amount of flash and mould lines I had to clear in the prep stage, but it was a nice sculpt with enough details to keep me interested.

Once again the Foundry paint is a nice combination of fluidity and thickness. This time I started with block painting with the shade colour. The mid tone and light tone paints blended nicely over the top to leave nice subtle transistions in the colours.

I'm not completely sold on the highlight for the Africian set or the colours for the 'bronze barrel' set as a whole (but to be fair the colour looks much better in the photos), but the paints are lovely to use and I really like the fact I can crack on with these sets without having to wait ages for ink washes to dry, which can break up your flow when I get my eye in.

All in all a fun 60 minutes of painting.

1 more down, 355 to go

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