Sunday, 24 May 2015

SAGA Normans. 4 point speed painting challenge completed . . . . Sort of!

In an effort to gee each other on Macca, Lano and I set ourselves the challenge of getting 4 points of SAGA painted up for last meet of the ‘Armoury War gaming club’.

The only rule was it had to be a new warband. 

So Wednesday I am crashing through the last of my shields for my Norman infantry, finish the last one off and line them all up.

One last count up to make sure their all done, 

3 points of elites . . . . Check. 

 I decided to differentiate the units with shield colours and then just to be flash I painted the helmets with coloured segments so they could be put into units of six.

blue and white

red and white

 The leaders get solid metal helmets

8 Sergeants (1 point) . . . . Check. They will proxy for crossbows at the moment as I want to take a bit more time over them, but the sergeants are done.

I figure they will get very little table time, and if they do it will be mostly securing buildings or hiding behind walls so they only got the most basic of paint jobs.

To save money they are some spare Norman heads stuck on some Viking Hearth guard bodies. Some of the arms are too short but I figure they will be hidden behind the shields so it's no big concern to me.

Get out my camera, take some pics . . . sorted!

I even got round to painting some dice.

As I am putting them in their case for their first foray last Thursday I notice a small zip lock bag tucked away in one of the compartments.

What’s that? I think.

Only this bloke!

Yep I had forgotten to paint the bloody warlord!

Lets look at the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 77
Miniatures bought this year = 18
351 miniatures to go.

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