Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WHF Empire militia / Mordheim Reikland Mercenaries Miniatures. Goodbye to the forsaken!

Some how this year I have ended up with a unit of 20 odd militia for my Empire WHF army thanks to the unexpected foray into Mordheim! I have to be honest they are of as much of a surprise to me as they are to you as I have no plans to add this unit to my army for quite a while (if at all)!

With the wrapping up of our current Mordheim campaign it only felt right to get the gang together for one last photoshoot.

I have deliberately left out Crashhart, Rags, Nathan and the original version of 'Red' as they are all attached to other elements of my WHF Empire army.

Even so, is still quite a collection. A big part of the reason was the fact I rolled horrendously during the injury phase of each endgame, usually resulting in the death of at least one of my warband (usually more!).

They are (left to right); 
Front rank: Spook (shattered leg), Jeffery Archer (Dead), Red (Alive), Grim Ironjaw (Dead), Eric / Dread Lord Crashhart (Chest wound, Toughness 2), Cairo (Alive), Crazy Bob (Alive), 
Middle rank: Archie (Dead), Arnold Leggenbreaker (Alive), Hal Bard (Dead), Shinobi Joe (Alive), Kate (Dead), Spike (Dead), 
Rear rank: Wenchman (Captured / Dead), Guapo Joe (Dead), Original Eric (Alive), Wild eyed Joe (Dead).

 The plan was to have them as two rival gangs within 'New Haven', press ganged into service as detachments for the Regiments of my Empire WHF army.

The trouble is I put so much time and effort into them they are going to make any unit I attach them to look pants!

The rest of the photos are just 28mm photo porn.

For once even the angle I get to stare at them from looks good.

I figure the Ogre will count as four models (boy is they going to confuse Russel!).

My first ever Mordheim campaign has been one of the most gruelling but rewarding gaming experiences I have ever had.

For a short lived game that was probably devised while under the influence of drugs and had a LOT of fish in the rule book I have absolutely fallen in love with Mordheim.

After 2nd edition Bloodbowl this could well be my favourate game ever, even with the dodgy wording of the rules leaving gaps all over the place!

Goodbye Lads and Lasses it was a HELL of a campaign!!

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