Monday, 5 September 2022

Heresy!! of the Horus type


Yep I caught the hype train and no I'm not dead!!

More after the break.

Having bought the starter box set I decided to paint the "Loyalist" half as original paint scheme Thousand sons, i.e. this. . . . 

While the "Traitor" half would be painted in the better known Candy red colour scheme, i.e. this. . . .

First up the tactical Marines. A squad of 15 and a squad of 10.

This left me 15 Marines to assemble and paint with Heavy Weapons, assault troops etc. in the future.

Next the Terminators.

Then the 'Spartan' tank.

I decided to add the gunner as I had thrown too many colours at the tank and needed to tie it in with the force better.

Last the 'Praetor'.

The Dreadnaught

1500 points of Thousand Sons.

Mike 2.0 had also bought into the game and we had a taster.

I learnt that Terminators bounce off Dreadnoughts!!

Basically I got stuffed but did enjoy myself. Mike is the only Nomad to buy into the Heresy so games will be few and far between so we will see if this army ends up on eBay but they were lovely to paint.

I have been busy on the hobby front and will see how much I can get blogged.

Stay safe.

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