Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mordhiem games 4 and 5. Like ships in the night.

All week I have been plotting....... Lano is down to 4 warriors after the carnage of the pits!

All week I have been devising how to stop the little sod disappearing off the back table edge after losing his first 25%.

Even the Gods of Mordheim seem to give their blessing as both Denny and Macca had to cancel due to prior commitments........... the smiling assassin was mine.... all mine................. and then......................


At least the ensuing battles resulted in a special Edition of the Mordheim Cryer!

Sods law said I would lose the roll and I end up being matched up with Ed and his poxy, beardy, elves!

I am glad we were in Neils shed as I turned the air blue when the results were shown. At least Lano found it funny!

We roll scenarios and its a "Street fight". This caused another outburst from yours truly as it was the perfect scenario to play Lano as he would be forced to advance towards me. FUCK IT!

Ed and I set up as shown below.

Ed being Ed he makes a bee line for the hedges (to search for certain types of Elf porn, or maybe search each other for hidden warp stone. Who knows!).

OY! What are you lot doing behind that bush!
With Ed on movement 10" when running he bolts 3 elves throught the building on my left (out of sight and therefore safe from shooting and charging!) before I get a chance to drop one with bows. I have a pop at the tops of the heads of the Elves bumming behind the bushes but fail to wound.

The return volley from the Elves drops two of my Markmen and knocks down the third.

This means I am unable to run a warrior within 8" of the Elves hiding in the buildings and I cannot stop them legging it off the board next turn.

Ed makes his run and is nearly off the board and i unwilling to charge my heros across the open street and nerf any treasure finding capacity so camp my boys behind cover and go into hiding.

"Well this is exciting!"

Is there a "Died of Boredom" result on the Mordheim injury table? If so I could have been in trouble!

So that was the thrills and spills of game one!

Never mind, at least there is time for another round. We roll the die and yes you guessed it ................................... I land up with Ed again!

We roll scenario and its ........................................ Skirmish! At least Ed can't bolt for it untill he takes 25% casualties.

This fight will be for the Wizards Tower.

No messing about on this one. Everyone with a melee weapon makes a run for the tower in the centre. Of course the Elves get there first but my blood is up and I will run my boys through brick walls if I have to to get to grips with the pointy eared pansies!

Ed is unwilling to charge into my part of the building and decides to bug out and flee the tower.

The Forsaken burst out onto the terrace and Crashhart shoots an Elf in the face, dropping it to the ground!

I figured Ed would bug out sooner or later so run my Marksmen round the walls for just this occasion.

The volley of arrows proves fruitless but at least it gave Ed a scare!

Sneaking round the outside of the Tower Grim and the rest of the Forsaken are foaming at the mouth at the prospect of ripping the Elves limb from limb!

The funny thing was that Ed actually forgot they were there and nearly shit a brick when he run his first Elf towards them!

"Come on you lilly, limbed pricks. Just give me 6" thats all I need!!!!!"
 As Ed continues to run away I finally get within 8" to stop him running and I charge Crashhart and his bodyguard out of the Tower and FINALLY get into Melee with the tree huggers!

"Cairo" and Crashhart kick the shit out of the nearest pointy eared ponce and Ed takes his 25% casualties and declares!

Yep declares on TWO casualties!

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