Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Mordheim. Game 2. Death in Venice!

Read on to learn how Noble Lord Crashhart has found the fortitude to carry on after the cowardly mass suicide of his former warband in the flooded streets of "Little venice".

Once again our intrepid band of adventures gathered within the holy shrine of Resin and Lead (Neil's Shed) at "Rom at the Ford" to continue the Mordheim campaign of our motley Warbands.

Neil had devised a scenario of a central objective within the flooded remains of the area surrounding "The Rock" full of flooded plains, exposed roof tops and cramped walk ways on various levels.

Little Venice of the South Gatehouse

The consensus was that anyone controlling the central objective at the end of the battle would earn additional gold from controlling the trade using the river in this part of town.

Only one flaw in the plan is we decide not to set a  turn limit. Boy is that going to come back and bite us in the arse!

The objective is the shrine in the central floor tile.

I start the game sandwiched between a band of Dwarves and Denny's undead horde (not the best kind of threesome).

My plan is to position the Marksmen on the nearest higher levels and then have them take pot shots at the other warbands is they break out across the open ground. 

I hope to get my Melee monsters holed up in the tower, in the central square and then bring up my Marksmen to rain arrows into the bands occupying the square so my remaining band can charge out of the tower to carry the field in the end game.

Any undead would be my prority targets to circumvent their "fear" ability.

"Spook" is the only one to pass his climb test and takes a shot at the nearest Dreg. Its a long range shot, after having moved and into cover. It can't possibly hit can it?

To bloody right it can and Spook plugs the Dreg between the eyes and Denny takes his first casualty!

"Got yer!"

The remainder of my Warband run towards the central square, while keeping an eye on the Dwarves travelling along the parallell walk way. The Dwarves Ogre leads their charge and kicks in the door of the nearest public house.

The second band of Undead make a break for the central square. 

Ladies and gentlemen we have a race on!

"Everybody conga!"

Neil's Witchfinders make a more measured approach. Their new Elf acquisition will soon make its presence felt!

Denny unleashes two Dire Wolves (which have been trained to climb ladders apparently!) onto the rear of my warband. The speed of these brutes forces me to bottle out of my concerted push on the centre and I pull back my Markmen onto a nearby hill and recall Crashhart and Red to cover them from the charge. The archers manage to fell one Wolf as it lines up its charge.

Neil has invested his earnings wisely and is fielding a full strength warband. The mass of his forces continue their measured push into the centre as his Elf lays waste to any enemy which dare expose themselves.

Once again Lord Crashhart finds himself pulling a "dog" as the remaining Dire wolf charges in!

I manage to give Denny a lovely surprise of a brace of pistols in the face, but the attacks amount to nothing besides making a loud bang and adding additional bullet holes in the nearby wall.

The race for the centre continues apace. 

At this point the Dwarves have disappeared into the abandoned pub and forgotten to exit out the other side!
I guess dwarves will be dwarves!

I manage to reach the nearest tower and barracade my self inside. I use the former outriders' brace of pistols to take pot shots at the nearest Direwolf, scoring a knock down.

Neil's witch hunters also come hurtling into the central square. Macca and Neils warbands continue to take pot shots at each other with ranged weapons.

Crazy Bob and Wild eyed Joe continue to take pot shots on the approaching undead.

"pop them off boys!"
Despite the mass of attacks from Crashhart, Red and two archers, the bloody, Dire wolf refuses to fall and this is really stalling out my attack on the central square.


I think I have a chance to cull Denny's zombies as I feel they have been left exposed by the departure of the Dire Wolf (BLOODY DIRE WOLVES!!!).

I decide to charge in my Young blood and Heroes.... of course only one passes his fear check and bolts out of the tower while the other two scuff their heels and try to not make eye contact with each other!

"Right follow me boys! CHAAAAARGGGGE!........ OH you pricks!"

Crazy Bob is massively outgunned  but makes a swing of it before being stunned and curb stomped by the Zombies.

"Wild eyed Joe you bell enddddddddddddddd!!!!!!"
I finally manage to pass another fear check and charge "Bob" and Joe out of the tower. A turn too late but I'm all in now as I try to save Crazy Joe.

At this point we all get bored waiting for the Dwarves to exit the pub so decide to set it alight to smoke them out.

"the Roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don't need no water..... Let the mother trucker burn! Burn mother trucker burn!"

This causes the Dwarves "Ogre" Body guard (we could not find an Ogre figure) to crash out of the burning building and charge Wild eyed Joe in the rear as the Zombies continue to swarm in.

I do manage to wound the ogre with the brace of pistols.

"just when I thought it could not get any worse!"
A MASS brawl breaks out on the other side of the square as Neil's and Macca's Warbands clash!

No quarter is asked or given as the fighting takes its toll.

Zealots and Undead clash
Carnage ensues on all sides as the pub continues to burn!

Back at my starting point I finally manage to finish off the Dire wolf just in time to allow Denny's Vampire to make an appearence. I charge in with Crashhart but the rest of my figures think "sod him" and fail either their fear checks or initiative rolls to climb up and Crashhart is left to his fate!

That fate is it be whalloped to kingdom come!

My remaining forces decide "Fuck all this!" and bolt off the table edge.

"We're right behind you boss!!!!.... Right......right behind you.

While this was happening "Bob" and Joe get battered and slump to the ground unconscious.

The good news is Jeffery Archer manages to finish off the Dwarf's Ogre before I bolt for it.

"I can't wait to put this in my next book!"
At this point the carnage in the centre continues unabated and I think Macca declares.

At this point the Dwarves FINALLY charge out of the Pub as its now nearly 2 o'clock in the morning (in real life!) and want to kick off over the last cab home but the other warbands decide to declare rather then go through another hour of combat!

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