Saturday, 10 January 2015

Mordheim Reikland Mercenary Warband

So here is my completed Mordheim Mercenary Warband I finished painting last night.

And to be honest they are as much of a surprise to me as they are to you.

Introducing "The Forsaken"

Wednesday Lano put something on the forum about a Mordheim campaign and the whole thing kicked of this Saturday (nothing like a bit of notice).

I have a quick scan through a PDF rulebook and realise I can play with less then 8 models and I am suddenly feverishly sorting through my Empire army to see what I have to fit.

I originally envisioned my Warpriest romping through the ruins of Mordheim slaying the unclean with his warband but the band need to be led by a witch hunter and needs flagellants.

There is no way I am breaking my "NO NEW MINIATURES!" resolution 8 days into the new year so its over to my Empire carrycase to see what goodies lie within.

I have enough painted figures but my eye kept getting drawn to my unpainted Great swords and Nobleman I had decided to use as their Captain.

Blast it. It's 10pm and out come the paints!


First up is the leader of this bunch of Cut throats.

“Nobleman” Lord Crashhart appeared in Lustria as part of a Tilean expedition and soon become a regular face in the seedier bars of the Imperial port of New Haven. He was also a major informant leading to the disappearance of several of the leaders of “The Men of the Union Revolt” and was given a commission as leader of the “Bastions of Custoras” for his honourable and noble actions in service of the Empire.
Since his promotion he weedled his way to the ear of Custoras, causing a power struggle with Dogstein which resulted in the destruction of New Haven.

He is a Captain (60 GC's), armed with a Dagger (0 GC's), Sword (10 GC's), Pistol (15 Gc's) and Heavy Armour (50 GC's).
Total 135 gold coins

I have decided to base him on the legend that is Lord Flash heart from the Black adder TV series. It was only last night that I realised Flash Heart wears a white shirt and black trousers so this guy will be getting a change of wardrobe at the first opportunity.

Next up are his Champions Mickelus and Kristos.

These Great swords are the remnants of the original Bodyguards and Enforcers of Custorus from the Original “1st Lustrian Expeditionary Forces"
Known as “The Bastions of Custoras” or more commonly among the men of the line as “The Bastards of Custoras” due to their bully boy tactics and their prefferential treatment from Custorus after the putting down of the The Men of the Union Revolt. These Great swords were selected from “The deserving men of virtue" among the Red caps.

 Both are Champions (35 GC's), armed with Double handed sword (15GC's) and Heavy Armour (50 GC'S).

Total cost 200 gold coins (100 gold coins each).

Next up is Marksman Nathan Running Elk

Nathan Running Elk was raised by the tribes of the great plains after he was found as a baby amoung the carnage of a massacre of an imperial settler convoy. Nathan was adopted by "Death Wind" a renowned hunter of the Kuron tribe.
Nathans tribe were one of the few tribes to side with the Empire during the separatist wars of the Great Plains and were renowned as scouts and trackers without peers amoung the Empire forces. This legend was only solidified after their being armed with Hochland long rifles.
Nathans father was lead scout of the Empires forces at the Big Little Horn and literally begged the force commander not to proceed towards the enemy camp. Death Wind later died holding a pass which gave the Empire forces time to regroup after the rout.

Nathan ended up in Lustria after he and Custorus become fast friends during the separatist wars and he willingly joined Custoria's forces as a sniper in his hand gunners.

This friendship slowly soured as Nathan sided with the "Men of the Union". He is only  attached to this group out of desperation as they are all declaired outlaws of the Empire and he is desperately trying to earn enough to be smuggled back to the great plains.

 Nathan is a Marksman (25 GC's), armed with a dagger (0GC's) and a Hand gun (35 GC'S).

Total cost 60 gold coins.

Last up is Swordsman "Red" Ron Sturrage

He is the last of the "Red caps" men of the line.

Red worked as a double agent during the lead up to the Men of the union revolt and regularly fed information back to Crashhart.

After the destruction of New Haven he was abandoned to his fate by Crashhart. Thankfully he was one of the few Red caps who had sufficent funds to travel back to the Empire where he was declaired Outlaw.

He then searched out Chashhart originally to kill him for his betrayal but once again become seduced by the words of Crashhart and the promises of riches to come.

Red is a swordman (35 GC's), armed with a dagger (0GC's), Sword (10 GC's), Helmet (10 GC's) and Heavy Armour (50 GC'S).

Total cost 105 gold coins.

The funny thing is I just gave the miniatures the equipment they were sculpted with and it worked out at 500 gold coins exactly. I guess the gods of Mordheim have spoken!

It will be fun to see how they work out tonight.

The Terrain is a cracking bit of kit I picked up from ebay. I originally bought this as part of by Bloodbowl Stadium but fits in here lovely.

6 Miniatures painted for this year so far...... only 394 to go!

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