Saturday, 20 June 2015

5K battle. The great british 40K shoot off!

The plan was a simple one, go to the park for an hour with the kids . . . . then the heavens opened and within minutes the kids are climbing the walls.

Thankfully I have just brought the tub of terrain in from the car to make room for the bikes.

The tub is cracked open and the following is laid out by the kids . . . . .

We decide the rug is 'intergalactic grass', hence the crazy colours!

The scenario is a simple one.

It's the Emperors' birthday and some little monsters (lead by the 'little monster') has stolen the birthday cake the Ultra Marines had baked him for a present. Filled with indignation the Ultra Marines set out in force to raid 'Planet Ork', to get the cake back and tell off the grots for being naughty!

"Ha Ha we have the cake!"

The boy gets first turn and decides being space soldiers the Marines will march forward in nice straight lines.

"Forward march!"
My Heavy weapon Orks climb the towers, while my Boyz march forward and my 'burnerz' whip round the flank.

The Dreadnaught charges into the mass of Orks and drops Carrot of Grenadier. The rest of the boys desperately throw grenades at the hulking great robot.

It then drops my Troll as it charges in and then flames the 'Heavy' desperately trying to get a bead on the Dread.

My 'burnerz' finally crash into the Marine flank and open up with the flamers!!!!!

"Ha Ha. Burn suckers, burn!"
With the Marines being distracted by being on fire(!), the 'little monster' decides its time to make for a new hidey hole with the Emperors cake.

The Marine captain leads the charge, while the Marines make sure the 'burnerz' do not get another chance to open fire!

Despite dropping the captain and flamer before they get to do any real damage the Dread whistles merrily as it lays waste to any Orks within range.

Unfortunately one of the casualties is my Commissar . . . .

this results in any surviving Orks deciding their on a diet and "don't want the bloody cake anyway!" as they bolt for the back table edge.

So once again the champions of humanity are victorious and the Emperor gets to have his cake AND eat it!

A fun (if not relaxing) hour. I will stick with the Lego from now on as I am sure I developed a nervous twitch from all the times the miniatures were dropped, stepped on, knocked over etc during the game!

Due to the increased number of figures we just used a bloodbowl die for the shooting. It really sped things up.


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    1. Apparently love is letting your 5 year old play with your painted miniatures!


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