Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Swords of change! Path to Glory, Chaos Warriors.

With the half term kicking in and the great sunshine yesterday I finally got to get some decent painting in.

What I planned to do was add the finishing touches to my Ogres.

Of course what really happened was I pulled out brand new miniatures for my Paths to Glory warband.

Here is how my warband currently stands.

First up the 'Swords of change' my three Chaos Warriors I rolled up.

I do like the colour of the capes and figure I will use that colour for the next batch of Chaos warriors I roll up.

I have pulled out my Dark Oath Champion from the Silver Tower box set as the first of my Marauders.

I also get to field one of the gorgeous Pink Horrors from the Silver Tower set as well. It only comes with two of these so might have to buy a box of Pink Horrors in the future.

I also pulled out one of the gorgeous Titan Forge Direwolves.

It is only once I put it down next to the Chaos Warrior I realised how big it was!

Cannot wait to see a pack of these running down solos in a future game.

My main colour for the Chaos Armour is a number of blue washes over a purple wash. I am not completely sold on it so figure I will try different effects as I roll up additional forces.

I figure I can get away with it as it's Chaos so they should not be too coherent.

I have also finished kit bashing and Green stuffing 'Grundog the Shunned' my Chaos Ogre.

One final group shot in the sunshine. I still have my Aspiring Champion to assemble but my warband is well on it's way!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 22

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.

458 miniatures to go!


  1. Excellent job and like you I seem to be changing plans on an hourly basis. That said some progress is being made, but very slowly.

    1. Yep I fear my 28mm ADHD is kicking in again!!!

      At least I am whittling away the grey shame ;0)

  2. Grundog looks bloody cool. (Except the mold line on his club. That looks lazy.)

    Glad to see work on this project, I like it even if it is Tzeentchian.

    1. Thanks man. I only spotted the mould line after I undercoated the fella. I might show how lazy I really am and ignore it ;0).
      Not really he is also my entry for a AoS28 forum so he will have to be finished to the best of my ability (such as it is!).

      As to your dislike of Tzeentch, I am sure the changer of ways will change your mind by the end of the campaign!

  3. Grundog the Shunned, excellent, after your last "Paths" post I dug out my copy, now I'm even more tempted to gather a warband together. I don't have anyone to play but I really fancy creating the warband. Perhaps I can convince someone at the club????

    Cheers again Riot they look great :-)

    1. Thanks mate. I honestly think the highest compliment you can recieve is to encourage another gamer to start a new project from seeing something you have done.

      There will always be takers once you can just tempt them into rolling up a 'theoretical' warband on the charts. Trust me it get's peoples wheels turning!

    2. Will give it a try and again thanks :-)

  4. Wonderful and impressive job, they look fantastic!

    1. Thanks Phil.

      I am really excited to see how my Warband develops.


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