Saturday, 15 August 2015

Dr. Gostello's amazing intergalactic psycho-circus. Foundry Alice White and the slippery Dwarfs

On a bit of a whim I have started to put together Dr. Gostello's Amazing Intergalactic Psycho-Circus.

This has very much been inspired by my visit to BOYL 15 this month and soaking up all the old skool goodness.

What is 'Dr. Gostello's Amazing Intergalactic Psycho-Circus?' I hear you ask (probably not!).

Well there is an obscure reference in the sub-plots section of the 1987 version of Rogue Trader.

Well thats me hooked!!!!

So here for your viewing pleasure is Dr. Gostello and his psycho clowns. . . .

This is a REAPER ring master (what would I do without Reaper?).

I have decided the clowns will cause 'fear' to all their opponents. . . because clowns cause fear. I have also decided they are actually shaved Ewoks because the thought of some drunk Stormtroopers catching an Ewok and shaving it has always made me smile. Thats why the clowns have black eyes.

Imagine this bloke shaved and armed with a sub machine gun!
The clowns are from Foundry street violence 'Alice White and the slippery Dwarfs' set. The original pack only comes with 4 Dwarfs but if you speak to them they can cast you a complete set!

The clowns are obviously based on Slipknot but I wanted to practise painting orange cloth so they got L.A. County jail, orange, jump suits. It seemed appropriate.

I will base the circus on my childhood memory of a circus. . . . Thats of course Dumbo.

My cyber Gorilla is on its way already and I picked this up cheap on ebay.

Now I have to 'Rogue Trader' these up.

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 149
Miniatures bought this year =35

515 miniatures to go!

 I have also had another serious look at my lead mountain and another load of stuff will be appearing on ebay soon.


  1. Replies
    1. clowns just are! I figure anyone wanting to charge into melee will have to take a moral check first.

      I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this.

  2. Aye I love those Slipknot Clowns, one of these days I may get the set again :)

    1. I really enjoyed painting them.

      They are that nice mix of accessable areas and enough detail to keep you interested. Can't recommend them enough.


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